Hyper Realistic Dreams

Does anyone else have hyper-realistic dreams? I’m not sure if hyper-realistic would apply here, but it comes to mind when I think of my dreams. Half the time, my dreams are normal. Just dreams that feel like dreams. They’re a bit distant and don’t seem very life-like. But the other half of the time, I have dreams that are INCREDIBLY realistic. So real that I believe it happened and waking up feels like a dream itself – like my dreams were real and waking up is what makes me doubt what’s happening. Those types of dreams are… very cemented. They don’t feel foggy or distant like dreams would, they feel solid and cemented into my mind so that it seems like reality.

So my emotions in those types of dreams feel very realistic as well and waking up often leads me to being flustered as soon as I’m awakened and it takes me a full minute (or even two minutes) to comprehend what’s actually happening. If I ever have emotional dreams, those emotions will also carry over from dream to reality and I wake up with those emotions. Which sucks because then it takes me a few moments to calm down. There have been several occasions where I’ve woken up mid-crying.

On one hand it’s kinda shitty because most of my hyper-realistic dreams are fears that I have (not even big fears, just insecurities and worries). But on the flip side, they make to be super awesome experiences for me to experience and look back on.

Another type of dream I have often is inception-style. I’ll have a dream, then wake up from it, think to myself “huh what a weird dream,” then ACTUALLY wake up. And it’s not even wacky inception dreams, they’re more realistic dreams. If I’m sleeping at home, my “fake-wake up” is in my own bed so it’s very realistic. My dream’s dream might be a bit wonky, but when I fake-wake up, it’s in my bed so it seems real.

These types of dreams have happened at Gamer’s house too, and when I have inception-styled dreams at his place, my “fake-wake up” is in his own bed and room. One time, I fell asleep at his place earlier than him, and he spent the night programming on his PC. My dream that night was me “waking up” in the middle of the night and seeing him programming and we had a conversation (I know it was a dream and I wasn’t sleep talking or something because in my dream he was wearing a random suit). Then I fake-woke up in the exact same bed and position and Gamer was still at his computer but wearing normal clothes and I was all like “I had this weird dream.” THEN I REALLY WOKE UP AND AT THAT POINT I HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS REAL. I have no idea how or why my dreams are like this but I guess I’m not complaining. It’s quite cool! Unless I have an emotional dream and I wake up upset and crying ha.

I think part of what makes those dreams seem realistic is that my dreams often refer to bits and pieces of my life. For example, the other day I was thinking to myself how I wish I had some Indian snacks at home that I hadn’t had in a very long time. And that night, I dreamt that I was in the kitchen opening cupboards and found a pack of those snacks. Upon discovering those, I thought to myself “oh my god! I was just thinking that I didn’t have these at home, but I guess we did!”

I had another very realistic dream today (one that involved some insecurities and tears) so I felt like sharing and talking about it. Does anyone else have dreams like these often?


Universal Workings

Gamer is only a friends with benefits, I suppose you can say. But no doubt, I do have things that irk me as a girl and I complain about them to a close girl friend of mine, let’s call her Miso (like Miso Soup, based on an inside nickname between us). I’ve known her since before high school.

Miso and I met on revisit day for our highschool, and coincidentally we ended up in the same dorm as well. We became close friends and even now, 8 years later we stay in regular contact via text messages or face time. She and I are alike in personality and sensitivity levels so it’s always nice to confide in each other because we know the other party will understand where we come from but won’t be overcome with emotion at the time to give rational advice.

The only issue is that since high school ended, we’ve only seen each other twice or so. She’s currently all the way on the other side of the coast in San Francisco working and living by herself. And despite us having identical personalities, we differ in terms of our outgoing levels. I’m a textbook introvert and she’s a textbook extrovert.

Anyway, that’s background on her. So I often tell her things I’m annoyed or upset with regarding Gamer. The funny thing is that most often times not, as soon as I vent to her… the next time I see Gamer, everything is fixed.

The first time I noticed the coincidence, I had vented to Miso about how Gamer hardly texts me first and that I’m starting to feel like I’m annoying him because I’m always the one initiating conversations. Lo and behold, a day or two later, Gamer sends me a text saying hey and mentioning how it’s been so crazy at work lately he couldn’t catch a break.

It’s always been like that. And the other day, I talked to Miso about how for the past month and a half now, he’s been gaming with his friends online while I’m there at his place and that I’d like to at least spend a few hangouts just having it be one on one. We also talked about sex and I mentioned how sex with Gamer is nice – not thrilling, but nice. I’m more adventurous than he is and he’s even told me that he’s not incredibly enthusiastic about sex. I mean, he likes sex obviously but he’s not enthusiastic about being adventurous or anything.

And would you believe it. The next night (last night, actually), Gamer didn’t even chat with his friends set aside play games with them. It was just us two hanging out and having good laughs. And when we had sex, he was more adventurous (relative to his usual self) and catered more to what I liked.

Miso was convinced from earlier moments that it could be the universe working in terms of the law of attraction – me getting what I want. But at this point, we’ve just been joking about how Gamer probably has remote access to my phone haha. Personally, even if Gamer had remote access hypothetically speaking… I honestly am not offended by that thought. I don’t have anything on my phone that’s private or stuff I’m hiding from him or anyone else. It’s legit just photos of my dog and random screenshots. And, as Miso said, if by the 1% chance that it’s true, then at least Gamer is addressing my needs and shit haha.

Gamer also said the sweetest thing last night when I was with him. He was browsing through games he could buy for me or himself, and he suddenly said “I wish you had a PC so I could buy you all of these games.” It was so casual, so little, but so sweet of him.

It’s always the little things! I wanted to write this post mainly because I don’t want to forget the sweet thing he said, but I figured I might as well write about the odd coincidences that’s been happening too.

Chill Gamer – Update

I was reading an old post of mine, “Chill Gamer”, and was amused and also mildly stunned that I wrote that post in 2015. I suppose it’s time for catch up, no?

I had thought initially, right after I wrote that post, that I wouldn’t see Gamer again. That it would be the same old routine of Tinder stories. Meet up with the guy, make empty promises of meeting up again, never make those plans, forget about each other. But surprisingly, here I am today – seeing Gamer three times a week religiously since 2015.

We’re not in a relationship, and over the course of the two years we’ve hung out, he has made it clear that he still isn’t looking for a relationship. I was initially bummed out because, as you can imagine happens to these sorts of situations, I had started to get feelings for him. However, things are back to normal now though (have things ever been normal to begin with though?).

The beginning of our “relationship” was pretty typical. We’d hang out, text when we were confirming plans, and… that was basically it. But over two years it has certainly progressed quite a bit. We still hang out often, whether we have sex or not, we text each other outside of our hangouts, go out for dinner or a movie occasionally, and we began to do gift-giving on holidays, and now even random gift-giving.

Well, the random gift-giving is mainly his side. He knows I like to play video games too so he’s often getting me games I’ve expressed interest in or he thinks I should try out. In general he’s spending a lot of money on me whenever he can and, as a broke college student, I’m grateful but also feel downright terrible. I can’t wait till when I get an actual job so I can start reciprocating on a more equal level, if not totally equal level. Gamer has stated before that even when I earn my own money, he’s still going to pay for shit.

We’ve become close in general too, having lots of inside jokes and being comfortable with each other. I’ve come to learn just how weird and goofy this mature, intelligent boy is. It’s wonderful because now.. we’re weird together! When I was with Magician and I sometimes would act silly, Magician would say “My baby’s weird.” But with Gamer, if I make a weird sound, Gamer will make a weird sound right back at me.

Gamer’s an astute son of a bitch too. He can tell almost instantly if something is wrong with me. One time, I was feeling off because of a panic attack I just had and when I arrived at his place, he opened the door and immediately asked what was wrong. Over text he can also tell what’s wrong with me, and man he never stops pestering me about what’s wrong. He always hopes that he didn’t do anything to piss me off.

Speaking of which, we never fight. Instead, we just have conversations. Often times if something is bothering me, we have a civil talk about it and I explain why I’m upset at him. He’ll apologize for that, then explain his side of the story or explain why he’d want me to be more understanding about something. And then it’s just kind of back and forth conversation until we’re happy and all set. The civil talks really help too – a lot of the old issues I’ve had with him have never come up again because he makes sure he doesn’t do it again and I become more understanding about it.

Gamer always says I should just say it if I’m upset at him so that he knows, but it’s still hard for me to bring issues up. When I was with Magician, anytime I’d bring something up, he’d never try to fix it. He’ll apologize and try to move on, and when I bugged him about how we can fix it, he would get mad and then say that we should break up. It’s affected me to the point where I can’t bring up my feelings because I have this irrational fear that the person I’m with will have a similar attitude. That they’ll get annoyed and think “this is bullshit, I’m here for a good time and you’re getting mad. I’m out.”

Gamer says he’d never react that way, and I know that! But man, I’m still getting used to NOT feeling that way. Sleeping with him is also the best. He got these fuzzy blankets and his room is always a nice warm setting, but not too hot where we can’t cuddle. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of anxiety and Gamer knows what I’m going through because he used to have depression and, with it, anxiety. Yesterday morning, I woke up at his place and mentioned how I was feeling anxious suddenly again, and Gamer went “aww, you’re okay, nugget” and pulled me back into bed and held me for a while. It really did help!

A lot of my friends joke we’re essentially in a relationship already, and I have to say it definitely feels like we are. But because it feels like one, I’m not feeling any sort of urgency to figure out what we are. I’m happier hanging out with Gamer like this than I have been with previous boyfriends!

All in all, Gamer’s a great, balanced person. He’s a mix of maturity and goofiness, and a mix of being caring but also not taking bullshit. If I think too much about us, I do get confused because everything seems very relationship-y like, but he verbally says he’s not romantically interested in me. From time to time, too, he’ll ask me questions which take me by surprise because he never ever asks me anything (mainly because I tell him everything about me). And so far, the questions he’s asked me have been if I’d ever move to California (his home state), and what my goals were for the future. Hearing him ask me those questions, of all things, make me wonder what he’s thinking. Like if he’s considering, even for a second, a future with me. BUT, of course, I try not to think too much about it in case I’m just getting my hopes up blindly.

For now, we shall see where things go.

Currently, Gamer is having a very busy time at work so our usual Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday hangouts are just Thursday-Saturday. I’m actually eating some truffle chocolates he bought me for Valentine’s day. He said he was hoping to get me a dinosaur or dog stuffed animal but he couldn’t find any good ones so he instead just got me three boxes of chocolates, ha. It’s going to take me ages to finish them because I’m not the biggest chocolate eater.

Oh, also, Magician got engaged to his girlfriend of a year LOL I still dislike him but I’m happy he found someone who’s in the same entertainment field as he is. More compatible and probably a girl more to his liking. But yeah, I still dislike him.


Dollar Coin Luck – Random Writing from Life

I lay in the dark, my blanket drawn over me until it nearly engulfed me. It was past 3:30 in the morning and I had less than three hours to sleep before getting up for school. A Sunday night that seemed like dejavu to me. A vicious cycle of staying up incredibly late at his place and causing my sleeping cycle to shift drastically. At least he didn’t always have to get up early to go to work.

My body was curled into the fetal position so tight I could feel my leg muscles already getting cramped. I wasn’t cold though. Just lonely.

My warm breath was filling up the hollow space my drawn blanket had created, the sharp metallic smell of a coin drifting up my nose. In the dark, my hands were fiddling with a dollar coin. The cool two sides now warm from my own hands.

A 1980 silver dollar coin with Susan B. Anthony’s face on it. Her stern face etched forever into place. He had given it to me in his bathroom as I was doing the final touches on my makeup. Insisting I have it, he plopped it into my hand and said it’ll bring good luck – despite merely getting it as change from the subway ticket machines. But I forgot it there on his bathroom counter, only to remember with a mental slap to the forehead after leaving his place.

I had set an alarm the next time I was over. And when it rang, “dollar coin” popped up on the screen.

“So I won’t forget to take it this time,” I had said almost proudly. But fortune didn’t take too kindly of me, as it slipped my mind again. By the door, I wheeled around to go get that silver coin from the bathroom where I had left it last time, but he was already striding toward me with an outstretched hand.

I thanked him graciously, as though he had given me a gift of wonders, and he called me silly in return for nearly forgetting again. I gripped the coin in my hand as I laughed, tucking it safe and sound in my pocket.

Fast forward a few days and I’m standing on his porch, ready to leave for home again. Snow was falling gracefully but heavily, leaving a heavy burden on my mind as I thought about my journey home. He told me to enjoy the weather – jokingly – and I sighed in return. But never fear. I turned to face him and pulled my hand out of my coat pocket. Putting my hand outstretched in front of him, i opened my fist to show the dollar coin. I still have it with me, I said in a proud manner once again. He looked down at the coin and a smile stretched across his face. And suddenly the trip home didn’t seem so bad anymore.

Cold Face, Warm Heart

I sometimes don’t understand myself. And maybe that’s because I AM me so I don’t know how to perceive myself from the outside. If any of that makes sense.

I’m a warm person, I’ll admit it. I humbly brag that I am a thoughtful person and I like to do nice things for my friends and loved ones. If you ask any of my friends, they’ll tell you I’m a soft person, I’m even tempered, non-judgmental, and considerate. And yet, I seem to ward people off naturally.

Many of those same friends who may praise me will say that at first they thought I was a cold person. Several of my friends have, in one way or another, said “Before I talked to you I always thought you were a cold person” or “You gave off cold vibes.” One of my friends, whom I met before freshman year of high school, told me that I was probably one of the nicest girl in the dorm, but before she met me she thought I was a cold person.

How?? I know I don’t have the classic “resting bitch face” syndrome – my friends have clarified that for me. I just happen to look cold and uninviting. I don’t know what I’m doing?! I don’t want to smile all the time to myself and look like a lunatic, but I don’t know how people are getting this notion either.

But then there’s a downfall to that. BECAUSE I know that now, I find that I instinctively try too hard to be nice and cheery when someone does talk to me and wind up looking artificial *facepalm* Ugh, how I wish things weren’t like that. Myself being an introvert, I find it hard to initiate conversations and start friendships, but unfortunately just waiting for someone else to make the first move doesn’t help either because they all think I look cold?!

I guess life will go on. I have cherished friends and loved ones who care about me, and that’s all that matters. But sometimes, I would like to have more friends. Ah, the great adventure of life. I guess.