Destined Life?

I’m not sure if many people know this, but I think a lot (sometimes I’m told I think too much, although that doesn’t really make sense to me) and I don’t express myself much. I was talking to my dad earlier (I inherited a little bit of his philosophical side) and our conversation started off like this.

Dad: (forgot the beginning part…) …so that the chickens will get to live the life they want to live.

Me: Right, but being cooped up on a farm, fed everyday and then getting the eggs taken from the hens is their life.

Dad: Ah ______, are you serious? How can you say that? *look of ridicule on his face*

It hit me that there is no “righteous” way of living. Chickens, they’re born, fed, fed, fed, hens lay eggs, some eggs get taken, and cycle repeats itself. Chickens live very boring lives. Sure, we think that the life they deserve to live is to be set free and able to do whatever the heck they want, but chickens don’t know that.

I mean, chicks don’t hatch into the world and be like “I want to live like this” because they don’t know anything about life at the moment. They grow up thinking “oh, this is the way life should be, nothing else.” Like that, us humans are the same. A baby, after being born, won’t suddenly think “I want to live the life of a weed-addicted man with a rainbow colored mohawk in the middle of the Sahara desert.” That goal might develop later if he really has a VERY imaginative and funky personality…but the baby won’t have a clue on what life is all about at first.

So after short discussion on that, I was wondering… What if we are supposed to be living a certain type of life. The way we are living life right now, what if that’s not it and we, like the chickens, just grew up thinking this is the nature of life. What kind of life would we be supposed to live like?

Wouldn’t it be awesome or weird if maybe the life we’re supposed to be living is like… being computer geeks and saving global warming because we were all so fucking smart? Maybe we grew up hearing from other people that one shouldn’t do this, one can’t do this, one isn’t smart enough, one is more talented in this area, and etc. so we think that that’s not what we’re supposed to grow up as.

Like someone could be told that he or she doesn’t know a damn thing about computers, so instead that person will grow up to be an artist. Not bad, but just suppose if we were all destined (I really dislike the word ‘destined’ or ‘destiny’ but I can’t find a better word) to live the lives of computer geeks.

Okay well, no guarantee on computer geeks. I for one would love it if we were all ‘supposed’ to grow up being psychics though. I mean, how fun would it be to play mind tricks on each other. The whole world would be a big sloppy mess.

Oh no!


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