Bad News

It seems that I’m not eating well anymore. I don’t know how it happened honestly. Like today, I had one of those english muffin sandwich with eggs and cheese and for lunch I had coffee. After school I had chocolate. This sucks. I hope my appetite comes back soon. I really need it obviously.

My grades are coming out this Monday, and I’m not looking forward to it. I’m not confident that my grades are good, so I’m a little on edge. When you think about it, high school won’t matter at all in the future, but it seems like such a big deal right now. Most likely it’s because college depends on how you do in high school. I think what’s going to matter the most in the future is keeping your job and making sure you’re keeping your family stable. No need to worry about grades anymore. I can’t wait till the college process is over, which is actually in less than six months (getting your college acceptances).

I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day: Hello. It’s catchy and I like the beat. I haven’t listened to it in a while so it’s not leaving my mind at all (one of those things where you get a new song and you can’t stop listening to it). I’m listening to it right now in fact.

My close friend is in a play and the play is on tonight, Friday and Saturday. I’m going on Saturday because that’s when his girlfriend will be visiting. I’m going to tell her so many embarrassing things about my friend. It’s going to be fun. I just only hope that she’s not an awkward person. Then I’ll feel awkward.

I think I’ll just disregard my homework for now and watch youtube videos while munching on something.


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