First Time Experiencing My Dog’s Pain

The title seems a bit misleading… Anyway…

I’m sitting here writing college essays while my mom is at the kitchen counter, combing the dog (his long hair is starting to become a hassle, but my dad insists on keeping it because that’s the “essence of a lhasa apso.” Silly dad. Think logically). Mom found a few knots she can’t get through so she grabbed a pair of kitchen scissors (damn big) and cut a few off. Right then, our dog moved and just let out the shrillest yelp ever. A very loud cry, I guess you can say. It scared me. When I say scared, I don’t mean shocked, I mean I actually felt scared.

It reminded me of those documentaries (like the one I mentioned a few posts ago) on animal abuse, those commercials of homeless and abused pets, and horrendous stories on how pet owners pretty much abandon their pets.

I obviously have not been in the presence of some sort of abuse, but I assume one can say I just experienced it. Okay, I’m not accusing my mom because it was my dog’s own doing, but in terms of experiencing the animal’s pain on the spot, yeah I felt it. I could not get over it for a few moments when it happened. I was so surprised that my mom thought I thought it was her fault.

Gosh, especially the fact that I love animals and love my dog to death, I can’t emphasize how surprised I was. I hope I won’t have to experience anything even close to that.

Oh well. My dog is a wuss sometimes though. He’s supposed to be a watchdog, and he’ll bark anytime when he ‘senses’ something, but he’ll over-enthusiastically greet anyone who walks through the door. Guess I’ll have to wait a few years… He just turned two years old. Still a pup I suppose.

He doesn’t get into trouble because he’s so cute (my mom’s a sucker for him) but we know him to be an annoying rascal from time to time. A cute rascal normally.

What he looks like after trying to get our attention.


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