Future Plans

I went to visit two colleges today. As a senior, I never really realized how quickly this painful college process is going to go by. I mean, in less than two and a half months, I’ll be done with the application. A year from now, I’ll be (hopefully) enjoying my college life and I’ll have new friends and everything.

It’s kind of scary thinking of the future. I’m so used to going to school for pretty much my whole life. I wonder what I’m going to do after I graduate? What’s going to happen to me after that? How am I going to make a living? How different is work going to be from school? Gosh, all these things are stuff worth wondering (in my opinion). I’m interested in biopsychology, but I hope I’ll get somewhere in life with that. Not going to lie, I think that’s gonna be a somewhat tough road for me. But I’m sure I’ll pull through if I set my heart on it, right?

I’ve been putting more effort in my school work, as you guys probably know. I’ve been staying up all night trying to perfect my assignments. Thinking like that, I’m pretty confident I have a good path ahead of me. I’m just sitting around now. Waiting for my roommate to come back so we can go to the library to do work. Although, I have a feeling it’s not going to be very productive.

I should probably get a head start on work so I won’t have to worry about it and unnecessarily stay up late again.


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