Late Night Pranks

I’m alone in my dorm’s computer lab and it’s 1:38am. I’m down here because I have a 1500-2000 word essay due day after tomorrow and I have less than 400 words. I could work in my room, but my roommate is asleep, and you probably have a sense of why I’m not working up there.

I’m going to bed soon, but I thought I’d write a post. Mainly because I’m alone, want to finish listening to this one song, and possibly get an epiphany about my essay halfway through this blog.

I just finished a 600-700 paper for another english class as well and four paragraphs answering questions. I was productive overall. So I think I deserve to go to bed and work/finish in a haste on my essay tomorrow all day and all night.

Anyone ever play a priceless prank on someone? I did. It was awesome. I printed out a large picture of the grudge and put it in my friend’s room (she was out at the library). I opened her closet and tucked it in a pocket on the side of the door at eye level. She often picks out her outfit the night before, so I knew she was going to see it soon.

I completely forgot about it until an hour later when I heard screams and loud footsteps running down the hall. I died of laughter. My two friends had seen it at the same time and apparently they ran all the way down the hall and collapsed in front of the bathroom.

It was totally worth the death threats.

Clearly I’m exhausted because I don’t have a good topic to write about.


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