Music Effects

Like I mentioned before, I went on a college trip. It was a kind of a long drive, not too bad. As usual, I was listening to music and somewhat jamming out. I normally am a music lover. You’ll see me with headphones in almost everywhere I go. It’s an exaggeration to say I listen to music 24/7, but it’s a good enough reason to show how attached I am to music.

I heard something about the effects of teens listening to excessive music, so I went on my phone to find something about that in the car. Turns out that teens who listen to music a lot more than average are more likely to be depressed. That, or they have a higher chance of becoming depressed.

I didn’t really see a correlation between music and depression, but I guess it kind of makes sense. People listen to music to escape reality and make themselves feel better (if they were already depressed). And it’s funny because I wrote a college essay on how people can escape from the cruel reality into an imaginative reality inside headphones. Well, little did I know that applies to certain people.

Of course, that’s not going to stop me from listening to my music. Nothing probably will. I’m a music addict, and we can leave it at that haha. Man so many things (potentially somewhat) wrong with me.


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