No Flaws?

I really miss my old boyfriend. Is that weird? I guess not, but I don’t see myself as being the type of person to cry (not literally) over an ex. I started thinking about him in bed last night, got a little mellow. Just like thirty minutes ago I started remembering some things we used to do and compared them to before we were dating. I was in the library so I had to try hard not to think too hard and end up tearing.

A little pathetic really. Three years crushing on him, two months going out. Of course I’m going to miss him, right? And is it weird to say that he had no flaws? I legit don’t think he had any flaws. Honestly, it was that relationship that made me realize the type of guy I always wanted. Someone who’s not always romantic, a friendship-like relationship, funny, not always wanting to hook up, you see where I’m going. I guess that’s why I broke up with the boyfriend before him. My previous ex was too romantic, too lovey-dovey. Everyday he would say at some point that I was beautiful. Sweet, yeah. But man, it was so tiring and too much. It came to a point where I would say “I know.

I don’t know why I’m writing this post. I feel like it’s too mushy or too whiny. Well, that’s me. Not one to be so dramatic. At least it’s kind of nice out so I can enjoy the weather. And oops, I’m late to class.


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