Psychological Thing

Have you ever had those moments where you think “What if I did this right now?” Like you can imagine yourself doing it, but obviously you don’t do it. Like one time, I was getting mad at my cousin (for some reason I can’t remember) and I was holding a mug of tea. I thought, “What if I just threw the tea in his face?” And I could imagine myself doing that. Or like, I saw myself doing that. Of course, I didn’t do it because I knew, subconsciously or not, the consequences of that action. Or other times where you’re waiting for the train and you wonder what would happen if you just jumped into the tracks. I feel like that’s a common one.

Apparently, it’s a psychological thing your mind plays. Those things you imagine doing? They’re actually things you don’t want to do, yet you think about them (obviously in a way you wouldn’t expect).

I’m interested in psychology, and I’m planning to major in biopsychology. I’m pretty excited for that. I just hope I’ll get into a good college that has that or something similar to that. But it’s funny because when I was younger, much younger, I wanted to be a paleontologist. For those who don’t know, a paleontologist is someone who studies the prehistoric life and remains of fossils. People normally automatically think ‘dinosaurs’ when they hear that definition, but it really isn’t. Gosh, I remember how I loved watching documentaries on anything prehistoric like and going to museums with my dad.

How I got interested in psychology, not exactly sure. I just suddenly became interested on how the brain influences your thoughts and body actions and what the relation is (what biopsychology is).

Well, guess I’ll just go and try to finish my homework. The one assignment I’ve been stuck on for the past two hours.


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