Too Friendly

One of my friends often says how guys would never like her or that she can’t get any guy/have the worst luck (in getting guys). Honestly, she’s not. I feel like she’s just unnecessarily bashing on herself. She’s probably the sweetest girl there is and very generous and soft spoken. I don’t think she sees how even though she doesn’t get the guy she wants, a lot of guys are friends with her. Some of the guys in the “popular” (can’t believe I’m using cliques now) group are friendly with her.

If I was her, I’d rather be friends with guys than be in a relationship. It’s a hassle and especially during senior year, it’s going to take up time and make a fuss. She’s one of those people who can’t really talk to the person she likes, but is so comfortable with any other person. She’s open and very friendly. A little too friendly sometimes.

She’s a very likeable person (she doesn’t see that obviously, otherwise she wouldn’t be fussing on how she can’t get a guy) and I know guys would be fond of her (not necessarily in a crush way) pretty quickly once they have a conversation or two. I had this major crush on a guy back a year or two ago for several months and we were really close. We’d hang out a lot, text, chat and what not. Long story short she wanted to help me, she ended up getting close with him, they began liking each other, they went out, and I ended up being the person in the middle helping the two out in their relationship (I often hate how I’m a very soft person. Like, okay, why the fuck did I just help my best friend and huge crush on their relationship? I’m a dumbass).

Since then, I’ve tried avoiding her help. She’s gotten a bit close with an eye-candy of mine and since that experience I’ve been extra sensitive to these kinds of things. Currently, she said she would help me with my crush and I pretty much immediately said no. She seemed a little surprised but there’s nothing I could do about it really. The last thing I want is for her to know the guy better than I do.

She also has this habit of telling me things that happen between her and a guy, be it a guy I’m chasing or not. She’s often told me things a guy I’m after said to her and it tips me off sometimes. She doesn’t realize that though, but it’s okay.

I felt the need to write this because I realized today how my old roommate, who I was very close with, is now suddenly closer to my friend than with me. Mind you my friend and old roommate have known each other for less than two months whereas I’ve known my old roommate for over a year now.

I hope things will get a move on. I really can’t take the time to worry about these things when I have more important things to think about.


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