Destiny Doesn’t Exist For Me

I mentioned this briefly in a previous post, but I don’t like the word ‘destiny’ or ‘destined.’ It’s not like the word rubs my fur the wrong way, it just makes me….cringe? Okay, it’s not that extreme of a feeling, but it’s like a mini cringe. And I suppose one could say I don’t like the word ‘fate’ either, when used in certain contexts.

I feel like there’s no way someone has written out our lives and that’s the path we’re going down no matter how hard we try to change it. It’s almost like the movie where Matt Damon (I think) is going about his life and then he realizes that there are certain God-like guardians or something who controls his life and makes sure that he’s on the right ‘path.’ I mean, they even had a freakin’ map of Matt Damon’s life that showed Matt Damon’s figure and where he’s going in life.

Pretty cool I guess, but I don’t know. I just find it hard to believe. For me, it’s more of ‘every action you take builds to a certain conclusion.’ That’s not my motto, but if I were to explain it to someone (you guys) then I’d put it like that. Like for example, if I decided to eat two buckets of ice cream, I’ll become fatter and being fatter will lead me to become lazy in life, not achieve anything, and my conclusion in life would be that I won’t be successful and end up having mortgage issues (hey, might never know). Whereas if I don’t eat the two buckets of ice cream, I’ll be the same and carry on my usual life and that’ll give me a different ‘life conclusion.’

I don’t know if it’s because I’m Buddhist or something, but that’s just the way I think things. I’m not saying destiny or fate is incorrect and none of that exists, I’m just saying that I personally don’t take it into my beliefs. I hope I didn’t make anyone wanna find me and stab me until I’m destined to have a messed up life (jokes jokes).


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