Big Insult

Wow. I just experienced the most saddening and horrible thing that ever happened to my friend. Okay, it’s not as horrendous as you might think, but to me I think it’s terrible.

My friend, from outside of school, is Korean, but she grew up here in the US. She tries hard to improve on her language though and tries speaking it as much as she can, especially at home with her family. A few weeks ago, she met with an important Korean person (I can’t remember if he was related to her family or if he was just familiar with her family) who came over to her house. She spoke the best she can in Korean to him, for practice and not to be embarrassing (well, that’s what she said though I don’t know if I would consider it embarrassing if she spoke to him in English. I suppose it would have been awkward though if her whole family spoke Korean and only she in English). It went well, in her opinion.

Just a few hours ago, she was talking to a friend over facebook, and apparently that important guy went over to his house for dinner as well (connection with his family I guess). My friend and him talked for a little bit and then he said that her Korean sucked (he’s Korean too, and according to my friend, he’s pretty much completely fluent even though he was raised up here as well). Like WOW, seriously?

He then told her that that important person told him himself that her Korean wasn’t good and that he basically shat on her. Oh my god, you have no idea how hard my friend started to cry.

I know for a fact that she tries hard to improve on her language so it was crushing for me too to see that someone said her Korean sucked. It really must have brought her hopes down. A lot.

She sent a facebook message to that important friend (Not really sure how they’re friends on facebook to be honest…) saying how she’s glad to hear that her Korean sucked and “thank you for telling someone that” (sarcasm obviously).

He responded saying how he had said that her Korean isn’t as good as a Korean person should speak like (Still a jackass thing to say, in my honest opinion), but that he said lots of good things about her. Like that she’s really proud of her heritage and where she comes from.

I don’t know if that really makes up for, what I would call, that insult.

My friend was sobbing for a good fifteen minutes when we talked on the phone earlier. Just tears after tears. I almost started crying too because she sounded so heartbroken.

No one at ALL tell someone that they’re bad at something when they are clearly trying hard to improve. God, I wish I was… somewhere. I would have just smashed her friend’s balls with a brick. Sorry if that’s pretty graphic, I’m just pissed as hell right now.

So I hope none of you will go so far as even joking about something like that. People are sensitive no matter what.


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