Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Well, what else is there to say? Gotta stuff yourself with food and then lie around like a pot belly thinking to yourself: “Wow. So this is what it’s like to be pregnant.” Haha kidding. But who knows… I ate so much myself anywho. I lay on the couches with my mom, dad and dog. We had a movie marathon and watched all sorts of movies. My mom’s favorite type of movies are the ones that are based on a true story. Which is pretty cool. We watched The Blind Side and Remember the Titans. I had already seen the Titans before, but it was nice re-watching it. I recommend both of them. OH, and you all should try to watch Freedom Writers too if you haven’t already. It was a summer movie we had to watch for school and oh my lord it was just AWESOME. Based on a true story too. 

Well, what are you all thankful for? Me… I’m thankful for my parents first and foremost. They have really gone through a shit ton just for me. Did you know? When I was much younger (Like before pre-school), my family and I lived in a basement. Okay, not literally a basement. It had a kitchen, master bedroom, open space and bathroom. But in a basement form. Haha. We lived there for about three years I think. I still have pictures of me celebrating my birthday back then and all my relatives would come and feast on my mom’s delicious cooking… I sometimes cry when I retell my life story of back then. I think it’s mainly because I rarely tell it so whenever I do, I get all these emotions pouring out. 

But now we’re happy and content. House to ourselves, an annoying dog, an xbox my parents gave me AS AN EARLY BIRTHDAY PRESENT JUST TWO DAYS AGO. Ahem.. So yeah, all happy and dandy. Setting aside college stuff, we’re very happy compared to the lifestyle we used to have. 

Gosh, I teared up a bit. But anywho… Yes. I’m very very very very much thankful for my parents. They put me into one of the best high schools of the country and I’m determined to be successful just for them. I owe them a lot. 

I guess I’m thankful for my dog too. He always cheers my mom up when she’s in her raging bull mode. He lightens all sorts of atmosphere. Right now, I’m in bed and he’s sleeping next to me. Directly next to me. With his butt shoved against the laptop. Sprawled across my pillow (I have a queen bed). Because of this doofus, he takes up legitimately two-thirds of the bed. He’s stubborn and we’re all pushovers.

 Image Such a philosophical picture…


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