I Guess I See My Tomboy Side

Damn the weather is getting colder by the day. Where I am, it’s about 30 degrees, and I guess it’s not too bad compared to Minnesota where it’s almost 12 degrees (Okay, I could be wrong but that’s what one of my relatives said).

Last night, my roommate was deciding on whether she should wear her winter jacket or her regular “fall” jacket. Her winter jacket was big and kinda loose, but comfy. She knew it was going to be cold today, but she didn’t really want to look like a “slob.” I told her to wear it though, because I  mean, it’s better to keep warm right? She decided to wear it. Later a freshman girl came into our room and my roommate asked for her opinion as well. The freshman, oddly enough, said that the winter coat was too big and that my roommate should wear her regular one (the fall jacket fits better and looks more fashionable). My roommate stuck with that idea and today she talked about how cold it was. While I was warm in my winter coat.

I honestly would have stuck to keeping warm. I don’t know if it’s me being me (slight tomboy), or I just think it makes more sense, but it seems like people are choosing fashion over health. My other friend is really fashionable and stylish, and she wears a lot of different coats. Today, I think she wore just a fancy sweater with a fancy top, high waisted skirt, tights, and boots. Really? I’m not implying that I’m unkept and a slob, just saying that I sometimes don’t care what I wear. Yeah, I do dress to impress, but not to a point where I would choose appearance over health.

Related to that topic and speaking of slobs, my other friend came to breakfast this morning in sweats and a shirt. She seemed frantic almost as she asked several people if she looked like a sob in sweats. She really didn’t. People joked around and said “yeah you look like a total slob.” Which was probably the worst thing to say. My friend freaked and went to change. She came down in jeans and a big warm hoodie. My roommate joked on how she looks like a hobo in that. I was getting annoyed. Let her wear what she wants. They are jokes, but my friend is paranoid about looks so it doesn’t help much. My friend ran back upstairs and eventually went to school in jeans, uggs, and peacoat (plus a hat).

World is weird. At least for me.


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