Life and Death

Wow. I had quite an intense discussion with my roommate last night. We talked about death and life. The topic raised after she finished reading the book assigned by one of my english classes called “The Death of Ivan Ilyich.” (I’m only on chapter two and we have to finish the book for tomorrow so I’m kind of fucked. Luckily, it’s a short story and the chapters aren’t long.) The title kind of explains what the plot is, but basically it’s about a man named Ivan Ilyich and he gets this disease (we’re not really sure if it’s cancer or something) and he only lives for three days. He’s scared of death, like a lot, and refuses to admit that he will die. He’s just terrified of the idea. That’s all I know, I don’t know any specifics.

So anyway, after she finished it, she was “dazed” by what she read. She became philosophical and just talked her feelings (haha). We discussed about the typical question: “Why is there life? What’s the purpose of life? Why are we here?” Yeah, they’re so typical and old fashioned in a sense, but when you really ask yourself those questions, you become curious and realize that it’s a legit question.

I thought about ghosts too. Why are there ghosts (If you believe in ghosts)? I don’t know if I myself believe in ghosts, but when I watch those ghost adventure tv shows, I highly doubt those are made up… So suppose they are real. Ghosts of people stay behind because they died in misery or anger, right? Or their life was tormented so they didn’t die peacefully. Like if they got murdered. So if people’s spirits stay behind, they roam around and stuff. If that’s true, then does that mean their minds stay behind with them? Does their conscious stay behind like ours? Or are they simply mindless souls wandering around?

Is our mind connected to our soul even? I think the souls are who we are, our bodies are simply casts or cases to hold “us” in. So I guess that makes sense, concluding that the mind is part of our soul. Back to the ghosts, if the mind does stay back, we’re basically somewhat immortal? I really doubt someone would want to be immortal like that… You won’t be able to use your senses (touch smell, etc.).

Even so, I don’t think I would want to become immortal. You’ll have to watch everyone you love die eventually. You’d pretty much change yourself into a cold person and keep distance from everyone so you won’t get hurt and sad when they leave you one day. But then that takes the point out of being immortal, you won’t enjoy anything in your life.

And subject change (I’m jumping back and forth a lot). Why is there life? Suppose you were to take everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, away from earth (life, objects, animals, humans, and so on) and then take away the universe (yes the entire thing)…. What else is there? Is there anything beyond all that? How far does the universe stretch? Does it stop eventually? If so, then what’s beyond that? Is that where such thing called parallel dimensions come into play?

Gosh, this is so confusing. When you really really think about these things, your mind becomes freaked out. Trust me. It’s been a while since I’ve talked/thought about these kinds of things.


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