Noodle Divorce?

Well, my dad’s in a lousy mood. I haven’t written in a while, and I always think that it’s time to, but I never had anything to write about ever since break started (last wednesday). I obviously do now, since my dad’s lousy mood got me in a lousy mood. 

He rarely gets mad, and today happened to be a day where he did. It’s partially my fault, but it began with him accidentally putting in too much spice in cup noodles (his and my lunch). He was a bit annoyed, and was telling me things, but I was too caught up in my Criminal Minds (Bessssttttt) so I was absentmindedly saying ‘yeah’ or something. Occasionally I’d say “What?” But in the end my dad asked if I wanted him to heat up some rice. I was like “no, aren’t you giving me noodles.” 

Bad mistake. 

He snapped and said that he already told me earlier that he ruined the noodles because there’s too much spice and that even he can’t handle it. Oops. He gave me dumplings instead. I thought maybe I’d try to like.. distract him from his anger or something so when he gave it to me, I said “Oh, you bought these?” (I actually honestly thought he was talking about leftover dumplings from the other night, not bought ones). Again. He roared. He didn’t make sense but I obviously didn’t argue back. 

I was annoyed the whole time my dad was muttering to himself. Whenever my parents are mad, they talk to themselves. Or to me, but it’s more of to themselves. So my dad was complaining about how he does all the work, my mom only cares about the name of my school and doesn’t pay attention to anything else about me, how I need to… something… I’m forgetting it all but it was stuff like that. 

I was just sitting there, stuffing my mouth with dumplings. I had to pause my tv show so I wouldn’t seem like a douche or whatever (I was on my laptop). My dad’s ranting on and on, getting mad at me and stuff. 

Then he mentioned something about divorce and honestly, it didn’t surprise me. My mom’s always talking about that. Well, more like threatening. Actually, she doesn’t even threaten anyone. When she’s with me and she’s mad at my dad she says stuff like “I would honestly just leave him and get a divorce” blah blah. So it wasn’t too surprising when my dad said “We’re better off with a divorce.” But I was surprised at the same time too because I think that was the first time my DAD ever talked about that sort of stuff. 

All of these “threats” really don’t affect me much anymore and it’s to a point where I wouldn’t even blink if my parents did get a divorce (of course, I’d still be heart broken). 

My dad seems okay now though. He’s acting all cutesy with the dog, but no guarantee he’s all whoop-dee-doo with me. So I’ll just be sitting here. Maybe finish some essays. I don’t know. 

There wasn’t really a point in this post, but I had to write it out. Ya know… sillygirl here can’t express her feelings other than through words. 


….So all this shit began with noodles…


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