Merry Late Christmas!!!

Merry late Christmas everyone!!! I hope everyone had a nice reunion with relatives you didn’t want to meet (Jokes, jokes) and received lots of useful gifts!! My christmas was sooooo fun. I spent the first half of the day submitting ALL of my college apps and then sitting on the couches with my parents watching this TV series called Revenge until…. about 11pm.

Yeah, we don’t celebrate Christmas but we definitely acknowledge it. Of course, that means no presents, but it’s cool. I got my mom a $35 dollar perfume from Anthropology though. I saw it a few weeks ago and just knew it was the kind of smell she likes. Because Christmas was coming up soon and I wasn’t sure whether someone will buy that perfume within those few weeks or something, I just bought it on the spot. I was hiding it in my dorm room the whole time because she would find it eventually if I hid it in the house.

My mom got me a book from my FAVORITE author. His name is Darren Shan and holy bejeezes his books fascinate me so damn much. He writes horror-fantasy books (says a lot about me, huh?) and I love them so much. I would recommend it, but you can ignore it if you have a very weak stomach and maybe just maybe too vivid of an imagination. I completed one of his series, Cirque du Freak. It’s about vampires but trust me… It’s not like that cheesy Twilight series or any other books where the vampire is mysterious and oh so romantic. This vampire series is hardcore horror-fantasy type of vampire. Throughout the whole twelve books, there’s not a single romantic moment at all. Except for this one little paragraph between the main character’s mentor and his ‘mate.’ Love love lots of love for Darren Shan. I’m currently reading another series called Demonata, which is about a group of people who are able to cross through to different magical universes where demons who kill humans live. The main bad guy is a demon called Lord Loss, and he feeds off of the misery and depression of people. The main plot is kind of complicated so I won’t delve into that.

There are ten books and I’m on the ninth book. Get this. I started this series in eighth grade. Yeah. Four years ago. Damn school library doesn’t have his books nor can I find them anywhere else. His books are rare, man… Well, I got a Kindle for my birthday from a family friend because she knew how much I wanted to read some books that aren’t easy to find (since I’m busy at school and all). I was excited at first and I downloaded the ninth book of the series on the Kindle yesterday and read it.

I must say… reading from a Kindle just isn’t the same as reading from a book. I don’t know why. Maybe I like seeing the covers or like seeing how many pages I have left (not looking forward to finishing it, just in general knowing). Whatever it is, I don’t feel a lot of thrill or suspense when I read from the Kindle. So I was a bit disappointed, but it’s cool. Darren Shan never fails to keep me reading. Oh, the book my mom got me is called Zom-B. Pretty self-explanatory. It’s kind of new too, came out in October and looks like there are more books in the series to come after it.

Okay… I wasn’t going to talk about Darren Shan (far from it actually) but I couldn’t help myself. I was just thinking… perhaps I can reveal my ethnicity. I was thinking of not saying because of reasons I don’t know how to explain, but looking at it…. ah what the heck. Who cares. So… drumroll please…

Nahhhh I’m just playing. I’ll tell you nutcrackers at the end of the post.

Oh, I think what I was going to say was related to Darren Shan.

Okay, so often when reading his books, I stumble (not really) across some stuff that I find pretty wise and philosophical. Like, while reading last night, I found this interesting:

“The rising dead terrify me more than any demon ever did. Demons are natural. They obey certain laws. You know what to expect when you face one of them.

But the dead aren’t supposed to return. When a body perishes, the soul moves on.”

I liked that, though I don’t know why really. Maybe because it had something to do with what I talked about the other (waaay other) day about life and death. Darren Shan’s so cool.

Yeah, so another drumroll please… … … … I’m a Tibetan!! ta-da!!! Yeah, who cares. Haha No particular reason why I waited till the end. Probably because it was odd mentioning it and then just jumping back into Darren Shan. I mean, then again, I could just move that whole ethnicity paragraph down here and edit it around and such…. But that would take time. I’m feeling pretty lazy right now (since I’m finally done with college apps) (whoopeeeee).

And so, till next time my lovelies! I am off! To watch Pokemon!… Don’t judge me. I’m reminiscing.


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