Americanized? No.

So, my cousins are over for dinner, and so is my uncle and his nephew (I think). They’re all still eating except for me and a cousin. We’re in the living room watching football. Well, he is. I’m just staying around because I don’t want to really be at the dining table as of now. 

I’m pissed. So much, I could cry. 

The one thing I seriously hate, is when my dad calls me American or just something American child-related shit. It’s like, yes…. I’ve grown up in America since I was four, and I sometimes speak English at home, and I’m around American influence. But if anyone call s me Americanized or that I’m an American child, I swear I will rip a rabbit’s head off and I am not joking (at the moment that is… Should a chance like that ever happen I’d probably go all “eh… I’m not that pissed…”) 

My dad said something to my uncle’s nephew about how like… I think about how my uncle’s nephew is gonna have some trouble in New York with his name, “but not like someone will kill you.” I laughed a little at that while eating dinner because come on, it’s a joke right? Apparently my dad was serious or something. He looks at me across the table and says something along the lines of “See? I can’t even finish a sentence and my American child laughs at something serious I was saying.” 

Are you fucking kidding me. Dad, are you fucking serious. I laughed because it was funny. If you were trying to be serious, well whatever man because that was probably not the best way to sound serious. Besides, a cousin laughed along with me too so you can’t just pinpoint me. 

I was embarrassed and angry when he said that in front of a Tibetan guest who just came from India. 

Guess that’s all I have to say. I’ll just let Darren Shan soothe my emotions with some horror-fantasy content. 


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