Skeptical Afternoon

Hello everyone!! Happy Sunday!! I honestly don’t know why people say Happy (Day). What’s so happy about a day? We’re going to experience that day seven days from then. I might as well say “Happy Sunday!” every week just to piss people off haha.

Well, there’s about two weeks left before exams. This is the last exam week of my four years here, so I’m determined to really do well. I have to anyways, to maintain my grade point average so colleges will accept me. Also, my mom said that if I do really well for the last semester, she’ll let me go to a foreign land for the summer. I know she’ll let me go regardless, but it’s a nice motivator for me. I’m hoping to go to South Korea with my friends. It’d be nice (in my opinion). Do you guys have any foreign places you’d recommend?

So I’m currently in my room, studying the cardiovascular chapter for my Anatomy test next Friday. It’s my worst subject so I’m seriously going to drive myself to do well and get at LEAST a B. At times like these, I wish I had a single instead of a double because then I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping my roommate up and everything (not to mention it would annoy me in a way).

So this morning during breakfast, my roommate got a text from a dorm-mate of ours asking if she could talk to her after breakfast in my friend’s room. We were both a little “scared” because… it’s our friend. She can have serious talks sometimes and have… “bad news” or whatever you’d like to call it.

My roommate was in my friend’s room for almost two hours. She got back literally just 15 minutes ago. She told me that my friend was simply PMS-ing a lot and just wanted someone to talk to. The way my roommate said it got me a little skeptical though, especially because she didn’t look at me directly when she talked to me. It kind of went like this:

(Door opens; I turn my head around; say “hey”)

Roommate: Hey.

Me: So what happened?

Roommate (Looks away): She’s just pmsing a lot and wanted someone to talk to.

Me (Skeptical): Ah… Ranting?

Roommate (Goes over to her desk): Yeah, she had a bad day.

Me: Oh, I see… (Suspicious at this point).

Then she gets her laptop and charger and leaves the room without saying anything. I then got really suspicious and irritated (hey, I can’t help my temper). I was suspicious because my roommate said it in a really odd way and didn’t look at me. Knowing my friend, she wouldn’t rant for two hours straight, even when PMSing (I apologize for my male readers). However, my friend can go on and on about someone or something she’s bothered with. To be honest, my friend back stabs others. She back stabs her best friend to me and my roommate sometimes (which we find seriously odd. I mean, why back stab your best friend? Even I don’t do that with my roommate).

Also, if all my friend wanted to do was rant, she could’ve come to both of us in our room instead of sending a serious text message saying “Can you come to my room to talk after you’re done eating…” Come on… It’s a bit odd. Not to mention my roommate just left the room after picking up her laptop. Normally, she tells me where she’s going when she does that.

I’m not saying she could be talking about me. I think she’s just talking about something she only wants to tell one person and my roommate had to promise not to tell anyone.  I understand all these reasons, but at the same time it kind of annoys me. And again, I’m not sure why. You can’t blame me. Short temper is my bad flaw haha.

I know this might sound really weird and strange, but I sometimes hope that my friend will back stab me because I would really want to know what she honestly thinks of me. And I wouldn’t even care what she says of me. My roommate told me some of the stuff my friend had talked about about me, and I was like… “Come on. You can do better than that, my friend.” Maybe that’s just me… But who cares, I’m a quirky girl and I embrace my weirdness. Everyone should embrace themselves. I do.

Anyway, I’m trying to brush it off and am currently listening to Tibetan music. Catching up with my heritage. Boo yah. For those of you who are open to foreign music, I’d recommend listening to this song by Standing Egg called Little Star. It’s a Korean song but I found it SO incredibly relaxing and calm. Maybe it was because I was in a jolly mood. The album cover is adorable too.

Well, good day (or good night if you’re from the other side of the world) and hope everyone is getting a lot of good rest and relaxation.


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