Smiles everyone!!

I don’t know, that was the first thing that came into mind when I started this post. I felt like starting this post because I just feel oh so cheery. I’m not sure why though. I’m listening to one of those calming and mellow-but-still-has-a-happy-tone-to-it kind of song. Kind of like the song I put in my previous post. Just makes me smile. I’ve been smiling the whole time now and have been for a little bit.

I guess I feel a bit carefree right now too, despite the fact that I have exams coming up in two weeks or so. Which I’m screwed for….

Ahh… I honestly feel like I could just fly. Have you ever felt like you could bound endlessly like you’re on the moon but on earth with sunny weather and a soft breeze? Well, I do. And it’s the best feeling ever. I would love to listen to Little Star while walking in Spring or Fall weather. My favorite seasons.

Well everyone, I’m still smiling and I want to go to bed smiling as well. So good night and farewell ladies and gentlemen! Silly Girl is going into dream land with fluffy white sheep jumping over a fence.

And remember… SMILE!!!!

(By the way, does anyone want the translation for the Korean song? I have them but obviously they’re long so I don’t wanna waste a post if no one is really looking forward to them. Gosh I’ll feel awkward. One of those desert ball things rolling across my screen if no one ended up being interested in knowing.)


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