Multiple Topics

Well, another day come and gone. I’m in my room, listening absentmindedly to my roommate practicing a story she’s supposed to tell to elementary (first graders) kids Thursday night. It’s quite amusing really, since she has to really get into the characters. Lately, since winter break, I’ve developed a love for clementines. I ate (I swear to Buddha) about 4 or 5 clementines in total yesterday. I ate three today (just finished my third one now). My roommate is starting to love them too. We had two (one yesterday, one today) mini picnics. We sat on the floor (we noticed how we never utilized the middle area/floor of the room, only our beds, desks and drawers off to the walls of the room) and ate clementines while bonding. It was quite fun.

Hearing my roommate’s story, it reminded me of one about a fox and a stork. A fox got a bone stuck in his throat and he couldn’t get it out, so he begged for the stork nearby to help get it out with its long beak. Obviously the stork was suspicious, but then the fox promised it a reward. Reluctantly, the stork reached in and pulled the small bone out. Then afterward, the fox just walked away. The stork exclaimed “Hey! What about my reward?” And the fox turned around and said “Do not be greedy. Just be glad that I didn’t snap my mouth on your neck when you were pulling the bone out.” Good story I must say. Smart fox too, haha.

In one of my English classes, we talked about time. And boy oh boy did it get intense. One thing I was pretty baffled and could not wrap my head around, was the beginning of time. Time is continuous, and it doesn’t really end or begin. It’s a cycle. But really… everything MUST have began somewhere right? Even before the big bang there should have been something. Just thinking of how far back ‘life’/time could have gone back to literally shakes my mind. Makes me feel odd and confused.

Life and the world is weird. Everything is weird. I’m weird. Good night to everyone.


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