Exam Week

Did I lose my readers?! Had a freak out just a minute ago. It’s all good though. Everyone’s busy. Heck, I am too. I’m in the middle of exam week. Well, somewhat. We started exams on Tuesday instead of Monday since it was Martin Luther King day. Because of that, our exams will end on Saturday. But as thoughtful as my school is, they gave us the coming Tuesday off (The weekend after exams is always a three day weekend).

I only have three sit down exams and two hand ins. I already took Anatomy and Philosophy yesterday and today. So glad Anatomy’s over with. I actually think I did well on that. It was somewhat brutal. We had multiple choice questions, an essay to write, and then going around tables labeling 50 rat parts (internal and muscles). I completely butchered the multiple choice questions. Luckily it doesn’t count much and I’m fairly confident I did pretty well on the other two major sections. Philosophy was easy. My teacher allowed us to write an outline for the essay (she even approved it before hand) and have it with us during exam time. The essay was the main point, but there were two other sections too. We had to answer three short answers (in paragraphs) based on three books/themes we had read, and then analyzing a poem we’ve never seen before. I think I did badly on the poem…

Tomorrow morning is my Nature of Reality exam. I feel prepared. Somewhat. We have to write two essays. One an essay of ideas, and another a literary analysis question. In each essay there were five questions we can answer, so it was nice knowing the question we’re gonna write about before hand. Gosh, our teachers are nicer than I thought (not saying that they were bullies…).

Oh, and I was stupid to hold college interviews in the middle of exam week. What was I thinking? Like honestly. I had one yesterday in the library, one today in the library, and tomorrow I have a 30-minute phone call interview with an alum. I was so stupid… But they didn’t seem to have affected my exam preparation of any sort so I guess it ain’t too bad.

I also felt stupid for telling my roommate that I had these interviews. Because usually the colleges will set up interviews up with you, but they don’t do it for all of the applicants. My roommate didn’t get one yet, not counting the one she got earlier in the year with the college that deferred her. Then again, it would’ve been weird if I didn’t tell her and she’d see me dress up before going out of the dorm. Well, eventually I’d have to tell her.

I guess I’ll go off to prepare some more for the English essay tomorrow. Ugh. I have to finish my art exam too…. Due Friday so it’s not too bad.


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