Can’t Stop

Greetings. I’m writing because I just can’t stop thinking about this guy in one of my English classes. It probably might seem really childish or something to some of you, haha, but it’s my blog ;)

Anyways, he’s such a sweet guy. He’s a gentleman and is super friendly. I’m not friends with him, but we’re on friendly terms. Currently, I’m trying to figure out how to talk to him without feeling embarrassed or what not. I’d say I have about three and a half months left to get things going before we graduate, but during senior projects we’re off doing our own things and he’s a day student so I’ll pretty much never see him during then (unless he happens to come to campus. I heard his senior project has to do something with golf. What?) That means I’ll have only two and a half months before I never see him again (besides graduation day).

I feel like the only way I could have a decent conversation with him is through ice hockey, basketball, or class related stuff. But again, I can’t seem to get my guts to go for it.

This is going to sound really cheesy…. But I actually automatically smile whenever I see him. It took me a while to realize that I liked him (I was oblivious to myself haha).

This is my plan: If I don’t get to know him very well and persuade him subtly to ask me to prom (oh yeah, another part of my plan with him ;) ), then on graduation day, I’m going to take a picture with him, and then kiss him. Not all of a sudden, just see if he’ll let me. He’s the guy who doesn’t hang out with girls, just with his home boys, so I’m not sure how his reaction will go.

What do you guys think? Is it not a great idea? Do you guys have any suggestions? I’M SO LOST.


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