Authentic Presence + Some News

Hello my lovely readers. I just wanted to thank you for the likes and follows and awesome comments. I really feel good about myself knowing that I’m writing good posts. I LOVE YOU ALL. Haha.

Anyway, I have a shit ton of homework this weekend due Monday and I’m currently starting my Philosophy paper. It’s the final paper on the course we’re learning this semester. We learned about Tibetan Buddhism and meditation (my field of expertise of course ;) ). We read a book through the course called Shambhala by Chogyam Trungpa. I never read it before, but it’s in my house and my dad has read it twice I believe, so he was kind of psyched to hear we were going to start reading that book.

My essay consists of three parts. First part consists of another three parts (great..), which is basic goodness, drala, and authentic presence. The second part is a response to a movie we watched (and a movie I have seen over four times I swear) called Kundun, which is a movie based on the Dalai Lama’s biography from before his enthronement to his destination to India after the occupation of Tibet. The third part is the one that counts the most and we have to write our thoughts on the several periods we’ve spent meditating. I have no idea what to write on that because to be honest I was nodding off a lot of the times. But hey, I wasn’t the only one. I opened my eyes at one point and saw others nodding off and one was completely knocked out.

I was just going to talk about authentic presence. I’ll be talking about drala another time because currently… I have limited knowledge on it… Shame I know.

So authentic presence… “is developed when one achieves the realization of universal monarch.” That is to say (from what I gathered), authentic presence isn’t just a person who becomes good natured. It’s not a person who wants to create a better life for him or herself. Okay, well that is true, but there’s something beyond that.

Authentic presence is when one realizes the pure goodness in or surrounding him or herself and then utilizes that knowledge to gain a more simple and content life. It’s also when a person disregards what is not necessary in life, like perhaps unnecessary comforts, and letting go of negative feelings, especially ego. And if someone is able to make a journey through life without clinging onto things, objective or subjective things, and cruise by with a simple mind, then that person has obtained an authentic presence.

There you go everyone. I felt like I had to share that. Sorry it’s short haha.

Also… I went back and forth to this blog to my other one and noticed that my tone in blog posts seems total opposites. I’m kind of light here and in the other blog I seem so serious and solemn. Maybe that’s just me though, seeing as I’m the writer for both blogs. Maybe it’s just that one blog is white and the other black. I have no idea.

Oh, and sorry to disappoint. But. I won’t be doing a blog on my senior project. It turns out the senior project committee isn’t very fond of blogs (for reasons I have no idea why), so my final presentation will be a 15 paged paper (shoot me) for the committee to read. BUT FEAR NOT. I’m still going to make a separate blog. It’s just going to be informal like this blog. So all of you can breathe more calmly now. ;)

Anyway, back to my heavy ass homework.


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