Couple hours of reading, underlining, typing and proofreading later, I now finally have a more solid understanding of drala. Here we go!

So drala is the Tibetan word for natural wisdom. It’s a wisdom that everyone has in him or her and there isn’t anything in the world that can stand up to it because it is the “unconditioned wisdom and power of the world that are beyond any dualism.” Hence, drala literally means “above” or “beyond the enemy.” But you can attract drala by invoking external and internal drala.

So to invoke external drala is to invoke drala in your environment. It’s important to take care of and organize the space you live in. This doesn’t mean to decorate it with fancy ornaments, it means cleaning up and preventing it from becoming messy. Having a clean space is not for yourself, but it invites others into your own world. But drala will appear the most when you treat your space as a sacred space (even if you live in a mud hut with just a bed and fireplace), a place where you consider it more than just a home.

You invoke internal drala by synchronizing or feeling connected with your body. Basically, the key to invoking internal drala is to have a good relationship with yourself (body). One can see the internal drala within other people by the way they behave. So like the way someone handles his or her fork or holds the pen tells a lot about the synchronization with themselves. What you do everyday is what determines how you feel about yourself and your environment.

Then finally, when you have gained the internal and external unconditional wisdom and power, then you have invoked the secret drala (the product of the internal and external). And secret drala is when you begin to feel the natural power and upliftedness manifesting your existence. It is also how you are able to experience the very moment of your state of mind, or in other words the essence of nowness.

Sorry if it seems a bit choppy or a bit too formal for my posts, I took snippets out of my essay. Anyway, hope that was interesting! I actually have never heard of drala before. So it must be a really unique concept.

Anyway, off to make dumplings with my family!


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