Spring Break!

Helloooo everyone!!

I’m finally on Spring break, starting yesterday at 3:00 I guess haha. I have no idea what I’m doing right now. I’ve been on the couch with my laptop for the past five hours. This is not healthy whatsoever. Then again, my dog has been sleeping next to me for the same time length so I’m not the only lazy one in the house.

My cousin was supposed to be here about forty minutes ago, but I guess not haha. I’ll be sitting here waiting… I might go upstairs and play on my xbox. Just for kicks. I don’t think I’ve touched it once since like… January. Yeah, not that good.

Tonight, I’m going to pig out with my cousin and I might show her the TV show The Walking Dead. It’s a pretty popular show last time I heard. I started watching it I’d say… two weeks ago. Already finished the first two seasons. I don’t know if you guys have seen it, but I think you should. Unless you don’t like zombies and apocalypses. Then don’t. I’m used to it now and addicted to the show, but when I watched the first episode, I was on my bed alone at night holding my laptop as far away as I could.

Yeah, great show… I really don’t know what I’m going to do during spring break. I’m already losing my mind. Oh, actually I’ll be going to DC tomorrow with a family friend and a Taiwanese boy (Hope he’s cute). It’s for a program there where you kind of learn how to speak (what? I don’t know)… something… I’m sorry, I’ve lost my mind today. But anyway, I’ll be going to the white house and meeting some senators on Tuesday. It’ll be fun.

My mom had asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted to do it just for experience and fun. To be honest, I only relented “excitedly” because she was pissed at me (not at the moment, for a few days because of my grades) so I didn’t want to come off as a sloppy (okay, there’s a word in Tibetan I’m thinking of but I can’t find the right English word for it) person or something. So I’m not too excited (except for the train ride there). Three days wasted… Oh well.

So now, I guess I will go and play my xbox… Assassin’s Creed here I come… Woot… Goddamn, I’m so worn out and absentminded. I’m literally slouched on the couch (haha) with my laptop almost falling off my lap. Why do they even call it a laptop? Sure it’s meant for your lap I guess, since you carry it around, but why ‘top’? That doesn’t exist. If anything it should be lapcomputer. Not even lap, because it’s not always going to be on your lap, it should be portable-computer. Duh.

Alright. I’m off for good. Toodaloo everyone and have a great day.


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