Intro + A Pet’s Life

Hey everyone! Been a while since I’ve posted. It’s because college decisions are coming out, so I was on edge for the past (at least) week. Some bad news, some good news. It’s been good. I didn’t get into my dream college, so my mom has been really bummed about that. You know how my mom has worked hard since we came to America so that I’d have a good future… I mean, I’ve gotten into other really good colleges, but my mom’s still a bit bitter about it. More on this in my other blog… Which by the way, I’ll be putting the link in my About page so it’s easier to get to if you’re curious.

So what hit me last night, was about pets in general. If you think about it, they’re going to be pretty much cooped up in the house almost all their lives. They’ll step outside for walks everyday, (that too most likely routine walks down the same neighborhood) maybe a trip to the dog park which isn’t exactly always exciting to begin with, it’s just a stretch of land with other dogs to mingle with. And then cats who are usually let out to explore the world and then come back home to you. Birds especially, man. They’re in a small cage all their lives. Let out to stretch their wings, but able to fly only in the house. They won’t really be able to see the outside world at all.

I remembered my visit to India summer of ’05 then after thinking about that. In case you don’t know, the dogs there are absolutely free. They roam up and down the streets without a care because no one else gives a shit. They do what they want and they’re happy. I remember one time, I saw a small, black puppy (maybe a year old or so) lying on the side of the road taking a nap. And I’m not lying when I say that that puppy was clearly happy. It wasn’t scared, disturbed or anything. It was enjoying the sunshine and I was actually a bit struck by that.

My maternal grandparents, they don’t own any pets, but there’s always this stray dog that stays with them. He’ll roam around, but in the end he’ll lounge around in their yard and bark at intruders or whatever. Huge black one. Kind of intimidating, but pretty friendly (I remember hesitating to pet it when I was alone but then it leaned forward and wagged its tail a lot. Made me happy). My grandparents always shoo it away, but it seems pretty loyal alright haha. I heard that a while ago, the stray dog brought a brown girlfriend with him and now she’s given birth to five puppies. Can’t wait to visit my grandparents soon, see how they’re holding up haha.

So, if a stray dog is ever so loyal to a family he doesn’t belong to and whom doesn’t even want him, then is it realistic/possible to think that the pets we love and own would come back to us by the end of the day if we let them roam around outside? I feel like it’s unlikely. Don’t know why, but just seems so.

But I wonder if it’s better for pets to live in, compared to India, luxurious homes and having all these toys, rich food, a soft bed and etc. or living in poor conditions but able to have all this freedom from the moment they’re born.

For me, it’s an interesting thing to talk about. Would you guys agree? I think from now on, I’m going to take my dog out whenever and wherever I can. I want him to explore and be able to enjoy the world from outside our neighborhood. Although, I think my dad’s beat me to that. He took him to a beach a while ago haha apparently my dog loved it and came back completely dead and exhausted. I can’t wait to take him there as well.

Now, I am off. For I have promised my dad to make him a Facebook account. I’m actually pretty excited to welcome him on Facebook. See you guys later!


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