Prep School Speaker

Today, a speaker came to the school. He talked about this book he wrote, called…. something along the lines of How Children Succeed (don’t quote me on that. please). It was interesting. He talked about how children grow and how their childhood affects their adult life.

For example, he did a psychological experiment long time ago. He put a 5 year old kid in a room with a marshmallow on the table, and told him not to eat it until he comes back into the room. If, however, the kid can’t contain himself and wants to eat the marshmallow, he just has to ring this bell and the man will come back and let him eat it. If the kid waits till the man returns though, then the kid will get two marshmallows. It’s basically all a waiting game.

Later in life, the man looked back and realized that the kids who waited longer were more successful in life and more happy. It was pretty interesting.

But then he started talking about prep schools. Indirectly directed at us.

It was a nice speech, but it felt as though he was saying how we, prep students, don’t exactly know the meaning of true failure, like those who don’t attend prep schools.

Excuse me? I’m not saying he’s wrong or right, but I think we need a clear definition of what HE thinks is considered true failure. Everyone fails, and then pick themselves up and start over. I still don’t really know what he means by true failures. He was also basically kind of saying how we have everything. Not really true.

You know, not everyone at prep schools are perfect or super smart or whatever he thinks we are. There are bound to be students here who are struggling, but he doesn’t really seem to see that. Either that or he doesn’t acknowledge it. Also, not everyone comes from a rich background. Not everyone has a luxury life that he assumes we have. Like me. I’m just a common person who needs financial aid. And I’m not perfect or super smart either (I’m doing well in school though nonetheless). So he I don’t think it was exactly fair that he spoke for us, if not every prep school.

Well there’s my little post/rant for today. I promised someone I would write a post on unconditional wisdom, and yeah it has been a few days since I said I would write it. BUT FEAR NOT. I will definitely get to it soon, possibly over the weekend. I’ll be home and I’ll get to ask my dad about it (huge philosopher he is). So I hope you guys can wait a bit longer :)



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