Moral Country?

Hello everyone. I wasn’t sure of whether to post this topic on this blog or my other one, but I decided to do it here since I haven’t posted here in a while.

So anyway, I was in my senior seminar class, and one of my classmates showed us a video. It was from a show called The Newsroom and a scene from where a character (main character I don’t know. Never watched this show) publicly, and quite angrily, responds to a student’s question on whether he thinks America is the greatest country or not. He furiously said no. He also said that today’s generation sucks. It was really interesting to watch. I’ll post the video at the end of the post.

Then after the video, we discussed it a bit. Another classmate, let’s call him Luke, was very adamant about how he doesn’t think America is the greatest country in the world and that it lacks morality. I think he had some solid points. Everyone doubted him, but literally no one exactly challenged him outright because he was SO confident in what he was saying (I was impressed, but then again Luke has always been like that).

Luke said about how in both the World Wars, America didn’t “participate” until toward the end of the war, and that too because we were attacked. “If we (America) were moral, we would have helped France right away instead of waiting until we were attacked.” Solid points.

One I wasn’t too sure of, but still saw some (a little) point in was about the Civil War. Someone asked (mind you, not challenged. he was too fierce) “what about the civil war?” And Luke didn’t hesitate at all. He said that it wasn’t really a moral war at all. The war only happened because the south broke off from the north. And also, Lincoln didn’t go into office saying that he was going to ban slavery. Everyone was like “ehh” or “uhh” like they wanted to challenge him but couldn’t. He was that confident.

At one point, my close friend, let’s say Adam, said “well unification is an act of morality.” And Luke’s dormmate and friend countered easily “(laugh-not-in-a-mocking-way) if unification is an act of morality then North Korea and South Korea joining is moral.” Good point there too.

Luke also said about how America did sell ammunition and guns to other countries during the war, but that was only because they needed the money and that their economy sucked at the time. Luke really knows his history. I’m proud to be his good friend haha.

I don’t know, it was all so intense and deep. I’ve been like… solemn all day just contemplating on what Luke had said. Totally made sense. Then I started wondering about what America could be doing today that is out of an act of morality and not just for their benefit. And if the country was moral, what could the country be doing that they aren’t today.

So what do you guys think? Do we live in a moral or immoral country?

I seriously seriously seriously hope you readers will watch this. Here’s the video of the show:

Sooo good. I love it. I think I’m going to grow up and be a philosopher.


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