Hello everyone. Guess what?

I’m on Senior projects!!!

This is so… not as exciting as I thought. The only things I’m bathing in luxury right now is sleeping in every day and doing nothing (except working on my project at least three hours a day). I’ve been watching a lot of Criminal Minds too, it’s my favorite show. I stopped watching it around the end of past summer, but now I’m continuing.

My project is off to a good start, but I’m still feeling a bit shaky. Will I be able to find the information I’m looking for? I felt a bit unstable when I started yesterday, but I’m confident it’ll be okay.

I’m currently in the computer lab, waiting for a friend to get here to main campus so we can go work on our separate art projects, which, mind you, were due like last week. Our art teachers gave us the “benefit of the doubt.” Psh.

I was here earlier because I was meeting with my Philosophy teacher. My project is a half project, as mentioned several posts ago, so I have to fill in my other half project with two classes. I could do another half project, but I couldn’t think of anything. I decided to keep Senior Seminar and Philosophy class.

I met my Senior Sem teacher yesterday along with two other classmtes who were also keeping the course, and our teacher gave us two options. We could either write a ten paged paper by the end of the month, or watch three movies and write three three pages or so review on them. If we decided to do the latter, then we would have to think of three movies we want to watch. It’s obviously easier, but I can’t think of any movies. I would take my time, but he said we have to tell him our decision by tonight. So… I think I’ll stick with the ten paged paper. But I’m thinking of writing something about Tibet, so it won’t be so bad. Besides, in Philosophy class, we’ll be talking about Tibet issues so I’ll gain extra information. Evil laugh.

Well, I think I’ll head off now. My friend isn’t here yet, but I’m just going to end my post here. I don’t have anything else to say really.

Oh, and by the way, I hope I didn’t like… offend anyone by my last post. I read it just earlier and realized that I didn’t exactly let you guys know that I was fascinated by Luke’s statements not because I agreed with him, but mainly because he was so confident and knowledgable in what he was saying. So I apologize if I happened to make you guys feel a bit… odd (is that a right word to say here?)

So now, toodaloo everyone. My friend’s almost here and I have nothing else to say.


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