Long Time No Post!

Hi everyone! Man it’s been a long time (I think?) since I posted on this blog. I’m currently in my dorm, waiting for it to be about like 3:45 or something haha. I’m going to go see a movie with my friends. I’m psyched because we’re going to see the movie Now You See Me. I swear I’ve been waiting for this movie since last summer or something. The trailer looks awesome, but I hope the movie doesn’t let me down. Those kinds of moments suck big time.

I’m graduating in less than three days!!! So excited yet sad at the same time. It’s a bitter sweet moment, I know it. Oh, and it’s going to rain that day. Like great. We’ll have graduation indoors instead of outdoors then. Like, wow.

Oh! Yesterday, there was this Baccalaureate seniors had to attend, and during the dinner, we got letters we had written to ourselves freshman year. I vaguely remembered what I had written about but nonetheless I was still surprised and amused. At one point, I asked the present me “what are you doing right now? Probably something stupid with your weird friends.” I laughed so hard because it was true. While I was reading the letter at our table, my dorm friends and such were making lame jokes.

I also talked about my ex-boyfriend. I went out with him last year and broke up over the summer before he went off to college. I really liked him a lot, my perfect type. But anyway, I actually had a crush on him since my freshman year, and I mentioned him in my letter. I asked the present-me “so did you finally get the guts to talk to him? I bet not. Wuss.” Also laughed hard at that because I probably would not have had it not been for my friend to urge me to ask him to junior boat dance.

Well, I don’t have much else to say. I just thought I would post something since my blog is starting to get cobwebs on them. *dusts them away*

Till next time!


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