Wacky Dreams

Hey everyone! I’m back! Whoopee. It’s been a long while since I’ve posted. Well, on this blog that is. And the thing is… I haven’t even been busy. I’m on summer vacation (oh I need to get a job soon…) and I haven’t really been doing anything. I guess so many good/fun things have been happening that I subconsciously don’t know what to post. That, or I’ve just been lazy haha.

Anyway, I wanted to post about dreams. Dreams are fascinating things, huh? I’ve always been kind of interested in the dreams I get and sometimes for the heck of it I look up interpretations of it. Have you guys ever done that before? It’s quite amusing.

So I get dreams often. But ever since I came back home, I’ve had dreams every night. That’s not the strange part (I like getting dreams), the strangeness here is that my dreams have been weird as hell. I would tell you an example, but they’re SO oddly complicated that I don’t even know how to explain it… Should I try?

Okay, so… for example, the night before, I had a dream that I… don’t even know. Where do I start? How do I start? So confusing. Okay let’s see… it started off that I was wearing a pouffy skirt (does that matter?) and I was with my middle school class, I think it was some kind of reunion or so. We went into this huge building, and I had the feeling it was like a warehouse, but modern…? Like, a professional, official business building that was abandoned but still looked new.

So my middle school friend and I went into this old bathroom, and we saw this ordinary toilet, but we saw it as special…. for some reason. Oh, and we were wearing our school uniforms (with my pouffy skirt on top of it) but I have never worn a school uniform in real life. It was dark green jacket and plaid green short skirt, typical I suppose. So I went all “Oh, I was hoping I’d never have to do this again.” I have absolutely NO idea why I had to do this, but I went to the toilet, hopped inside, and hit the flush button. Then down I went into the drain, except it wasn’t dirty or anything, you know what I mean haha. It seemed like it was a toilet used for transportation. I’m telling you, this is really weird.

Then a few moments later, I popped out and was magically in the hallway of the third floor (I don’t even know how I knew it was the third floor). So then I waited for my best friend, but she was taking forever. I looked out of the glass window/wall and saw her standing in the middle of the courtyard, looking all demonic and possessed. Meaning, she had red eyes and an ominous aura around her. Our reunion class was watching too as she stood alone, face-to-face with this demon. And I was strangely calm, as if this was a normal thing to be happening.

Then I went exploring, and suddenly ducked and hid behind a random desk when I saw these two strangers. They were normal in casual clothes, but for some reason I had a “they’re-gonna-kill-me-if-they-see-me” feeling. So I was hiding, and then I started cowering even more when I saw this monster floating around outside of the building. Okay, before I continue, were you guys at some point familiar with pokemon? There’s this pokemon called Steelix (search it up), and this ginormous monster in my dream looked like a Steelix, just without a head, and was flying/floating gracefully around outside.

I was scared, obviously, so I… saved the game…. It was like I was in a game, and I decided to save it in case they kill me and I didn’t want to start over from the beginning… Weird, I know. Then I can’t remember what else happened.

Okay, it probably doesn’t sound strange to you, but believe me. I woke up with the “what the fuck just happened” feeling. And I had so many other weird-ass dreams before and after that. This morning too I had a wacky dream, but I can’t remember much of it. Just that this Korean man I “knew” tackled his wife out of the window in the middle of an argument and landed on his yellow car. She was wearing a pink prom dress too.

Well, I’ll just leave it at that. As strange as my dreams are, I’m enjoying them. They’re giving my lame summer some excitement. I think I’m getting these dreams because lately I’ve been writing stories. Creating worlds and everything, so my subconscious got influenced and decided to be creative as well.

So for now, toodaloo. I’m going back to one of my stories :) Have an awesome day folks.


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