Late Night Buddhist Thoughts

Another short post for another long, hot day. I’m a person who enjoys warm weather and going out with friends, sun-bathing and going to the pool/beach… But I hate the hotness of the three months at the same time haha I would rather have winter all year round. Why? Because when you’re cold, you can pile on layers and layers of clothing/blankets, but when you’re hot there’s only so much you can do and still feel sticky and hot. I mean, I prefer fall/spring, but winter if I had to choose between summer and winter.

Anyway, so yesterday the folks who were at home, me included, stayed on the first floor doing whatever. So we had the air-condition on and everything. Since no one went upstairs, we didn’t do anything about it so by the time we went upstairs to sleep, it was hot as hell. Humid, stuffy, you describe it. So for a while, my mom turned on the air condition, and when it was cold enough she turned it off. I stayed up late listening to music and playing games on my phone. When I set it aside to sleep, I heard my dog panting. My room was cool enough for me, but not for my dog. He still has a lot of fur and my floor is carpeted so there isn’t really any cool spot on the ground for him to lie on (we need to get his fur cut).

I felt really bad for him. So I forced him to go to my bathroom and lay down there. I sat next to him and waited till he was asleep. I think about 40 minutes went by before I started to get drowsy. My dog kept shifting around till then, moving around, scratching himself, panting, etc.

To be honest, I actually felt sad. I’m not sure why. Like, sad that he was suffering like this. I realized then that my inner Buddhist self is coming out more haha. I continued to contemplate this for an extra 20 minutes. I surprise myself a lot sometimes with my inner Buddhist self, but it pleases me too. I get reminded how this is actually who I am and not who I’m telling myself I am.

So later, I kind of gave up and left my dog in the bathroom, hoping he’ll fall asleep eventually. Later, I heard his footsteps shuffling into my room haha and he laid down next to my bed. I guess he loves me that much :P But then I couldn’t fall asleep. It sucked. I think I fell asleep around.. maybe… 2:30 am? I woke up with my eyes slightly red.

Oh, so there’s this band that released a new album, and I wasn’t particularly a big fan of them. I liked only their title track. Then a week later, today, I have almost all of their songs on my phone haha. Quite weird, and I’m starting to really like this band. I’m actually currently listening to a song of theirs.

So, now I’m going to go off and clean the house a bit. It looks really messy. Have a great summer, humid, stuffy day everyone! :)


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