Friends’ Thoughtfulness and Tragic Event

Hello hello everyone,

How are you all doing? I’m just lounging around in the living room, watching CNN news, waiting for some specific story, which I’ll explain a little later. Firstly:

Yesterday, I went to the beach with a few friends. It wasn’t exactly a planned thing, we were on the road and suddenly said “let’s go to the beach.” So we went and waded into the water, discovering oysters and ogling over a few of them haha.

Afterward, we washed our feet off and sat on a bench in the shade (damn hot out). We were chit chatting, and then remembered I left my bracelets with my friend when we went into the water because I didn’t want them to get wet. When I asked for them, she said “sure” and gave them to me. But then she questioned me why I wear so many bracelets, which lead to my other friends asking as well. I never really told anyone the reason so I was a bit shy/embarrassed to do so. I told them anyway. The reason why I wore so many bracelets was so that it would cover up how thin my wrists were. Because I’m so skinny, I don’t have a lot of fat on my arms and my wrist bone kind of sticks out and everything. I really hate it.

When I told them, they went all “aww.” It was in a “aww, that’s cute” in an odd way. If you get what I mean. They were telling me that I wasn’t that skinny and it’s not that bad, but I hate when people tell me that so I just brushed it aside and my friends just started to compare how tan/dark they were.

Later, we went to the mall and just shopped around (and I got an amaaazing back pack which I love). Every store that I went to, one of my friends would call me over to the accessories area and point out cool bracelets. I felt really touched and warm. It was just really nice of them and made me thank Buddha that I had friends like them.

On another sad note… my classmate passed away. I used to be friends with her my freshman year, but then kind of stopped talking to each other. It’s not like something happened and we hated each other, we just naturally, gradually lost touch with her. We were from different social groups anyway.

She was with a group of friends riding a bike, and she got hit by a car (the email from the head master said vehicle but I’m assuming a car). She was taken to the hospital, and then passed away a few hours later. I was shocked. Just, totally shocked. It was like… You were alive a few hours ago, and now…? What? Like I couldn’t fathom it at all.

And surprisingly I started to cry. Even though I didn’t know her, I felt incredibly sad and cried a bit. And I thought, if I cried, just imagine how her close friends are like.

There’s a guy that I didn’t know was close with her, but apparently he was. On twitter the other day, he tweeted that he woke up today just hoping yesterday was simply a bad dream, but guess not. Yesterday, he said something like “I don’t know what’s great about freedom now. I just want my friend back.” I felt really bad for him.

Anyway, it’s a horrible thing that happened and I’m still kind of shaken by it… Whatever it is, I know heaven welcomed another angel with open arms, right? :)

Have a nice day, everyone.


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