My Tragic First Two Years of Life

So… who wants to hear the story of my tragic birth/first two years? No one? Great! Let’s get started. Synopsis? A cute baby girl was born, not knowing the complications that would arise shortly after entering the world. Paralysis, meningitis, pneumonia, how much worse can it get? How does she overcome it? How is she doing now? Read on to find out.

Okay, so. I always knew this story, but I heard it again from my parents again and even learned some knew stuff (we were at a relative’s place and they told the story). My mom was even getting teary eyed while talking about it. I felt really bad, dunno why.

We’ll begin to the days prior to my birth, when my mom was about to be in labor. My dad complained at one point, saying that even at 8-9 months pregnant, my mom still was cleaning around the house and everything. My mom responded, saying that she hated seeing the house messy, it just made her itchy (literal translation, I don’t know what the english word would be).

When she started to be in labor, she had a really hard time giving birth to me. I just would not come out. Partly, my mom was really weak because she had been ill for the past two years. She was taken care of by my dad (hard to believe my fighting parents used to be so caring and lovey dovey since end of their high school days) and she eventually got better, but she was still kinda frail and weak. She actually has a (pretty nasty) long scar running from the side of her back to the front during when she had surgery.

So anyway, my mom was in labor for almost 48 hours. My dad and her walked up and down some mountain paths of Dharamsala, India (absolutely beautiful I’ve heard and seen), but it didn’t really help much. Eventually, my mom had to get a c-section.

My dad wasn’t there, but when he came, he saw my mom sleeping and me, a baby with poop covering half of her face. Haha, I don’t remember what my dad said what the reason was, but I was a bit taken aback. Did not know that before.

So anyway, I had a good first year and a half. According to my mom I was very obedient and clean/organized baby. When my mom would sweep the floor underneath the bed, she’d have to lift the corner of the bed sheet up to see properly. But sometimes, she’d forget to put the corner of the sheet down, and whenever I’d see that, I would walk over and put it down for her. No matter what I was doing, I’d stop and go do it. I laughed when I remembered her telling me that before.

Also, I loved going for walks, so whenever my mom would say “cham-cham doh~!” (let’s go on a stroll!) I’d put all of my toys away in the basket/box and grab my little sunflower hat and hold my mom’s hand. I must’ve been a really cute baby girl haha. My mom had friends who told her “wow, looks like your daughter is going to grow up to be such an amazing girl” or something, but now look…. I’m a lazy person now. I’m hoping that maybe it’s just my teen years and I’ll grow out of it.

Then, when I was a year and a half or so, my mom was breastfeeding me while lying down (fun scientific fact: kids who are breastfed grow up to be more sharper than other kids) and then she realized that my left arm was hanging kind of weirdly. She pulled it up and was a bit shocked when my arm just fell back down. She lifted my left leg too and eventually she found out that the entire left side of my body was paralyzed.

At the hospital, I was also in a coma for a week or two, though I don’t exactly remembered how/why that happened. My mom and dad did tons and tons of prayers, hoping I would get better. I even got meningitis and pneumonia shortly after. But to keep it kind of short (nothing majorly interesting happens in between, just me sick and parents/relatives worrying and praying like hell), I got better after about a month and a half.

My dad said he remembers walking into the hospital, and the first thing he hears is me saying “pala!” (dad!). It was a huge shock and everyone was overjoyed. I was also trying hard to speak, but I couldn’t since I was still a baby (?) and didn’t know many words.

And so, my hardships that I don’t even remember ended and we lived happy years until I was four, which was when we moved to the US.

Of course, I have Epilepsy now. And my old neurologist think that I got diagnosed with Epilepsy during the time I had Meningitis. The hospital I was staying at back then in India wasn’t the most hygienic. The air conditions didn’t function properly, dust everywhere, so on. The needles weren’t completely 100% clean either, so I might’ve gotten it during when I got a lot of medications and shots for my meningitis. Also, I had the viral kind of meningitis, so even after I was cured of meningitis, I still had bits of it lingering in the back of my brain. So my Epilepsy most likely developed from then and laid dormant till 2010. Along with that, my mom thinks that the stress I went through during high school is another trigger of my epilepsy.

But I’m living a nice life now. However, I have a stuffy nose now…. And I’ve had it since mid July or so. That’s bad, right? Anyone know about that? I’m pretty sure I do have allergies from my dog at home ’cause I sneeze a lot and my eyes sometimes get itchy, but my nose is clogged even outside of my house. I might see a doctor, but first I’m going to eat spicy food and drink lots and lots of water and see if it goes away after that.

Again though, I’m living a nice life and a new chapter of my life is going to start in less than two-three weeks (damn, so short). I’m determined to get better in my life and hope my Epilepsy will be cured, or at the least I’ll be able to make the most of it and learn the tricks of living better without obstacles in my life.

The End.


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