My Dog as a Person?

You know, sometimes I wonder just what kind of person my dog would be if he was a person.

He’s currently 3 years and 2 months old, so let’s say roughly 22 or 23 years old in human years. Therefore, I’m going to label him as a junior in college. Also, I’m going to ignore his attitude around people and focus on his attitude around dogs, so don’t take my description of him as a human to be all there is to him. And I’ll use my family (myself as well) as his if he was a human. I guess technically he would be my lil (older?) bro even if he is a dog :)

As a person… hmm… he would be the nice guy. The nice, cute guy girls take as a bestie instead of a macho, hot man haha. I think he would be the kind of college person who loves meeting new people, but also enjoys his alone time in his dorm room with his computer or music. Half introvert? He would probably be intimidated by the jocks/manly athletes too.

Perhaps he would be a bit of a clown as well and annoy some people now and then. He’d have a short temper too in an ironic kind of way.

At home with family, he’s a spoiled son of a bitch. His parents would be those rich people that shower their kid with affection. He’ll go to his mom for attention and pampering, and his dad when he wants to play football or something. He’ll go to his sister when he’s bored too. After all his favorite family member is his sister (hehe ;) ). He’s probably arrogant too (dunno if he would be the same at college or not) and does whatever he wants without caring what his parents or sister say. And as typical, he sleeps a lot. Anytime anywhere. Literally.

That’s all I can really think about. Do you guys ever wonder what your pet would be like in real life if he/she was a human? It’s fun to think about.


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