Thanksgiving Holiday with Irrelevant Topics

Hey hey everyone. You all excited for thanksgiving tomorrow? I am, and I’m not even doing anything tomorrow haha. Just lounge around at home and watch movies all day with my family.

Day after tomorrow is my birthday! So I’m more excited for that. That day, my parents have work, but they’re gonna try to come home early and we’re gonna have yet another movie marathon, but this time movies of my preference. Know what that means? Revisiting the Disney shows. I miss the classic disney movies where the people drew the cartoons rather than using the computer. I can’t wait, and I’m definitely starting off with Lion King.

I’m completely exhausted because I had to stay up until almost 2am last night writing two essays. I was gonna do a third, but I thought “screw it, I’m going to bed.” Right now, I’m sitting here at school right now on some couches, passing time. I got here about an hour and a half early. Lately, I’m just leaving with my dad at about 6:20 am because he takes the car and I really do not want to walk to the bus stop and wait in the freezing cold nowadays. I don’t mind particularly either, since I can get some work done. I was just chilling with a friend of mine before he had to go to class. I did something kind of stupid. I asked him how his girlfriend was (she goes to a different college in a different state) and he  replied with something I was hoping he would not say. She broke up with him. Yesterday. I was like Fuck. Kill me now. Of course, I know I wouldn’t have known that’s what happened, but I still felt bad. He didn’t seem to mind too much.

I also finished up a sudoku game on a newspaper. It’s been a while since I played it. I enjoy playing it and I kind of need to do it too because it helps improve solving abilities in a specific part of your brain.

That’s all I really have to say. So for now, I’m going to see if I can get things done. Which probably, in a few minutes, mean play pokemon. You know, on a side note, I realized I’m kind of a nerd haha.

I am still in love with pokemon, I love learning about dinosaurs (even watch documentaries on them. Go BBC!), watch documentaries on animals, etc. On my free time, when I don’t have much else to do, I search up random animal documentaries or revisit old documentaries about prehistoric life.

Okay, now I’m really off. I hope everyone spends thanksgiving holiday wonderfully and happily! Crap, I actually have to go to class. So much for using my time productively…


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