Life or Death?

You know what I think about sometimes? Life and death. No, not about my odd phobia. But like… the mysteries of it and the social view of them.

Everyone obviously prefers life over death, and some of the most famous quotes are about living life, having no regrets, and so on. You gotta live the life, take risks, do wild things so that later in life you won’t have those “what if” thoughts.


What if death is what is better for us? That sounds pretty dark. Phrased a different way, what if death is more beautiful than life? All we know is life, nothing about death. Well, people do have near death experiences and I guess some people use hypnosis to check it out, but we’d never know until we truly experience it. Which, unfortunately, would mean we wouldn’t be able to come back to tell the tale/experience.

We know pretty much nothing about death. And that’s scary for most people. Not knowing what something is, not knowing the unknown. Death could be all sorts of things, and I suppose religions have different views on it. Like Tibetan Buddhists (I’m not sure about Buddhists from other countries) believe in reincarnation/rebirth and Christians believe in hell or heaven. Or afterlife. But for the most part, death is just nothingness. It’s black, nothingness. Mainly because we can’t imagine what it’s like.

And I think we’re also “scared” of death a little bit because society has created the image that when you die, a skeleton in a hooded cloak and huge scythe comes to take your soul away. For most people, hell is another representation of death. The fiery, hot, dark depths full of screams and agony (I could be wrong, I’m just putting down what I normally hear).

For all we know… Death could be a beautiful place. A pleasant, wonderful paradise. Who knows? Some TV shows show that, like Ghost Whisperer. From an episode I remember, one of the ghosts (main character’s family member) resided in a beautiful garden like place.

So like that, if we knew what death was like, then what if death is the thing we’d desire more than life? What if death is better suited for us?

One of my favorite quotes (not from a famous person, just made up) I found online is:

“Life asked death, “why do people love me but hate you?” And death responded, “Because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth.”” <—— (Looooove)

So yeah, I have strange thoughts sometimes. What are your thoughts on this? Ever thought about death at all actually?


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