One of My Biggest Pet Peeves: Dinosaurs

When you hear the word “dinosaur” what do you guys think of? Those cartoons of t-rex or so being dumb and that cartoon show “Land Before Time?” About how they’re large, lumbering dim-witted creatures?

When I tell people that I have a love for dinosaurs, they think it’s silly and that dinos are just kid stuff. Well, they might not outwardly say that, but I know it’s what they’re thinking. Dinosaurs have always been used in cartoons and used in means to entertain kids, but almost never portrayed as the magnificent creatures they once were.

Well, tell me. Do you know what the two main classifications for dinosaurs are? They’re called Saurischia and Ornithischia. Do you know the reason why there are two classifications? And underneath those two categories are other sub-classifications, such as Theropods, Sauropods and Cerapods. I bet you don’t know which sub-classification goes under Saurischia and Ornithischia. Set that aside, do you even know where the oh so infamous and over rated Tyrannosaurus Rex is filed under?

Do you know about the debate over if Torosaurus is the matured version of a Triceratops? Do you know what kinds of points are being raised? Did you know that one of the points made in the debate is about the number of epiossifications the two herbivores’ have? Do you know what epiossifications are?

I think dinosaurs are absolutely fascinating and it’s amazing what you can learn about these mysterious, extinct animals through technology. And there’s so much more to learn about them! Every few years, myths get dispelled and new theories are formed, and that’s just so interesting to me. It’s interesting to see how new theories are developed and we find out the unimaginable.

But no. When I tell people my passion for learning about dinosaurs, their attitude is closer to “aw that’s cute” rather than “oh, cool!” And I am sick and tired of it. In the end I have to resort to telling people I’m interested in the prehistoric life and fossils. But in reality, it’s only dinosaurs I really have interest in. Not anything from the Cenozoic era or beyond that.

So just what do you know about dinosaurs? By simply watching cartoons with babies/kids that have dinosaurs colored in by all the fucking colors of the rainbow and shown all loving and friendly does NOT mean you have some minuscule knowledge about them. If you have never learned about dinosaurs from real scientific facts through documentaries or actual books by paleontologists… heck if you don’t even KNOW what a paleontologist is/does, then I don’t see where you get the idea that you can judge me and my passion.


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