Understanding Buddhism

Sometimes I find it hard to describe in a simple statement what the key, underlining message of Buddhism is. For most people, it’s easy, but for me, I find it complex. Then again, perhaps that means I don’t yet have a clear understanding of what it is. From what I learned, everything and everyone is interconnected. Without one thing/being, another would not be here. It’s as though everyone has a purpose in their life times (I know, it’s a bit vague).

I like to read books on Buddhism, like wisdom or compassion, but there are many that are full of complicated definitions. With my Epilepsy, it’s hard for me to wrap my brain around something so it’s hard to come across a book that helps me understand in an easier way. Before continuing on with actual books, I decided to start off light and read comic books.

There’s a few comic books that detail what Buddhism is all about and the main concept/idea. Like one I just finished is a manga called ‘Buddha’ and it’s an 8 volume book series that tells the tale of Buddha himself and his life (I guess you could say a biography). Of course, I’d say about more than half of it is fiction with made up characters and minor stories, but the main, overall story is there. How Prince Siddhartha ditched his royal life to pursue the goal of reaching enlightenment and spreading teachings of how to rid yourself of all kinds of sufferings and preparing yourself. The manga is entertaining mostly, but there are actual teachings of Buddha’s embedded in it with nice examples. They really struck something in me (since it was easy for my mind to grasp), and I finished the 8 volumes in two days haha.

One I also started but haven’t gotten around to finish is called ‘Basic Buddhism Through Comics’ by Mitsutoshi Furuya. It’s not a story, but rather a regular Buddhism book told in comic strips. The narrators are two crows, one is a naive/not knowledgable who asks the questions, and the other crow is like the teacher who explains. All the while, the crow uses a family as an example. Pretty interesting read. I’m about to sit down with a cup of tea and read it haha.

Afterward, hopefully I’ll understand Buddhism better and good enough so that I could move on to actual books. Maybe if you’re interested in learning more about Buddhism, you’ll check these comic books/mangas out first to get a feel for it (I’d recommend the latter, the first one is more fiction with teachings here and there)!

Also, maybe the title of the post was misleading but oh well, whatever. Tee-hee.


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