Solo Trip to India + A Guy I’m Dating??

It has, once again, been a while since I posted. I think? There hasn’t been much going since, but there will be soon.

Firstly, I’ll be going to India by myself on Monday (day after tomorrow)! I’ll be gone all of July and coming back on August 7th. I’m going there to attend this Tibetan program that teaches about Tibetan Buddhism, meditation, culture and language. I’m pretty excited for it, and besides me there are I believe about 10 other people. That’s a nice ‘class’ size in my personal opinion.

The last time I went to India was in 2005 (almost a decade ago, wow) to visit relatives for the first time so I have somewhat vague memories of my trip with my parents. Now, I’ll (hopefully) have very memorable experiences there, especially ’cause I’ll be going alone. Not to mention, this’ll be the first time in 17 years that I’ll be going back to my birthplace – Dharamsala! I left and came to America when I was about 3 or 4 years old.

Also, I’m planning on creating another blog dedicated for my trip to India. I’m thinking of trying to post something everyday with pictures and all – almost like a public journal. I’ll post a link to it once it’s all done and ready (I have to think of a nice title for it too…) so that you guys can check it out if you’re interested in my solo trip to India!

On another itty-bitty note, I’ve met a guy and have been dating him for a few weeks. Ever heard of the app Tinder? Yeah, I always thought it was just for fun and stuff, and I got it when I was bored in bed one late night. So I was pretty surprised when it actually worked out. I eventually ended up talking to this guy who lives relatively nearby. I would tell you more about him, but I don’t want to sell out his identity without his permission, and I don’t believe he knows I have a blog quite yet haha and I intend to keep it that way. I feel quite embarrassed when people I know read my blog, hence why I keep a lot of my personal stuff private (like my name, school names, location, etc). I’m already sure that if someone I know stumbled across this blog, they’ll probably figure out it was me. Hard to explain, but just a feeling I have.

Anyway, we set up a date and gosh, I was nervous as fuck when the day came. I mean, it was the first time going on a date with a guy I have never met and just started talking to over an app/online. It went well though. It turns out we had a lot in common, and I was pretty surprised by it. And he’s also the first guy I’ve met that genuinely made me feel 100% comfortable with my body. I can say that he’s an overall awesome guy.

Our first date was pretty interesting. He’s really easygoing and it wasn’t awkward at all because we were both conversational people. Though I will admit, he was a bit of a talker so I was kind of in a “big sigh” mood whenever that happened. One of the things I’m not very fond of is when they talk too much about themselves unless I actually ask them about it. He has a talent that he’s really good at (like seriously good at) and I was all fascinated by it, but I was really hoping that he wouldn’t be a bragger about it on the date. He wasn’t exactly cocky about it, but he did raise it up now and then. I know he probably just wanted to impress me (he doesn’t do it much now that we’re really dating), but really though… a cocky guy is a no-no for me (not that he was cocky at all about it, just a little…. you know, too proud of it).

Besides that, all good points. I like him and am dating him because he had a bunch of pro’s that outweighed his con’s. He’s pretty bold (compared to other guys I’ve dated/was in a relationship with). For example, he held my hand as soon as we got out of his car and had no hesitation in putting his arm around me as soon as the movie began (we watched Edge of Tomorrow, which I wasn’t quite excited about when he recommended it but I didn’t know any other movie I wanted to badly see, plus it was better than I thought). I remember going to the movies with a guy a few years ago and he was older than me by a few years and I knew he wanted to hold my hand but he didn’t until literally the last ten-twenty minutes of the movie (that too, I was the one who ended up holding his hand).

I won’t lie, already a day or two after our first date, it really felt like we were in a relationship. Maybe that was just me. So yeah, we’ve been dating for about two-three weeks and there has been a few instances where I almost blurted out ‘I love you.’ No, I don’t mean the deep, relationship-like ‘I love you.’ More of the casual, “you’re so funny I love you.” Does that make sense? Like there were a few times he pretended to be hurt by something I teased him about and I would almost say “haha I’m sorry I love you.” I hope I’m being clear in the type of ‘I love you’ I meant haha. But of course, I didn’t because I didn’t want to give the wrong impression/underlying meaning of that phrase.

You know, it’s funny because all of my boyfriends have been guys who were older than me by at least a year. My luck with guys my age/in my grade has always been horrible. I’ve had a few crushes/love pursuits that always failed. But come a guy who was at least grade older than me, I was pretty damn successful.

First boyfriend was in eighth grade, three years older, Tibetan, broke up with him ’cause he was too romantic plus wanted to start a new chapter since I was going to be a boarder in high school. Second one I don’t consider a legit boyfriend because it lasted two weeks and I broke up with him because he was so awkward. Not cute awkward. Awkward awkward. Legitimate second boyfriend was my sophomore year, his junior year and lasted 6 months. Broke up with him because he was too clingy and romantic. Third and recent boyfriend was my junior spring, his senior spring and lasted three months. He broke up with me because he was going to college in Cali and long distance never really works out, especially when you don’t know each other THAT well before you part.

Not to mention, my freshman year I dated a senior for a short time. We’re still good friends. Now, regarding guys in my grade, I can count about…. 5 or 6 guys I’ve had a crush on but never worked out because they weren’t interested in me. It’s strange when I think about it ’cause I thought it’d be the opposite, but hey I ain’t complaining.

So now I’m dating a guy who’s about three years older than me. And I’m wondering where this will lead us. He’s pretty darn sweet (he read up on Epilepsy when he found out and told me about some treatments, i.e. weed haha which is true, I’ve heard of it before). To be honest, I thought he’d be one of those guys that kind of uses a girl for sexual means but he turned out to be the opposite and I’m really glad I met him. We really understand each other. Heck, on our first date we got pretty personal and talked about life and religion haha. Apologies to the older readers for having to bear through my love life rant. I just had to let it out haha.

Anyway… India! Again, I’ll post a link to my new blog once it’s up and running :)


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