‘Americanized’ Pet Peeve

One small pet peeve of mine is when people say I’m Americanized. Yes, I grew up and was raised in America surrounded by American culture and shit, but I would like to not be seen as a brainwashed asian kid who is Americanized. I know people probably don’t mean it in a bad way or anything, but I certainly take it in a negative aspect.

My dad jokes around saying that I’m Americanized when I say something sassy or what not, and it really gets on my nerves, like you don’t understand how irritated I become. Almost to the point of anger. My mom understands though and she leaves it be. Just now the guy I’m dating said “Jeez you’re so Americanized. I need to put some foreign in you.” Automatic annoyance just bubbled up as soon as I saw that message.

The topic was on fruits and he was listing out a bunch of fruits I’ve never heard of before and I told him whether I had eaten them or not. At one point he said “please tell me you’ve had durian” and that they’re common in India. I said no. And then he made the Americanized comment.

Just… really? The different kinds of fruit I have eaten determines if I’m asian or americanized? I’m sorry I don’t get to travel to many places like you do and get to eat these unique fruits. I go shopping at local super markets and I have never heard of mangosteens or rambutan. And yeah, I could go to Chinatown but I don’t really have that time in my schedule to do so.

So there you go. Another small pet peeve of mine: being called americanized.


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