Explanation With a Side of a Small Rant

Okay I didn’t forget to post a link to my new blog or anything. I can’t seem to upload the photos to my blog and I could just post the posts without the pictures but that kind of defeats the purpose of really sharing my experiences. I’m trying I’m trying so don’t get all up in my head on this.

I guess also I haven’t been up to date with my posts… But I’m working on it.

On another note, lately I’ve been getting a little irritated with the guy I’m dating. He’s somewhere on vacation with a friend but we’ve been FaceTime usually his mornings and my nights (can’t do my mornings ’cause I have classes). So he wakes up kind of early and we spend like about two hours chatting.

His friend seems to be a chatter box and my guy seems to get easily swept up in the chats because there were times where he spent a lot of our face timing moments conversing with his buddy and I’m left just awkwardly staring at nothing waiting for my guy to finish his conversation.

One time, he wanted to FaceTime when it was about noon time here in India. I told him I could chat from like 12-12:30 (that’s when lunch starts). We began our FaceTime session, and then he begins talking to his buddy for a full on 10 minutes. I’m not exaggerating. It was actually 10 whole fucking minutes. It was nice out so I just walked up and down the balcony and also popped into my classmates’ rooms.

I also stopped by into a guy’s room to ask about the lunch timing and shit, and with one earbud in, I heard my guy say “he’s hitting on her. He’s hitting on her.” And I just got a little annoyed. Not sure why, just did.

I got fed up finally and at 12:20 I told him I had to go to lunch. He apologized several times and had this sorry face. He asked if we could talk for 10 more minutes and I told him “well if ____’s done talking with you…” He caught on that I was mad and I couldn’t hide it obviously. For the ten minutes I tried to be casual and what not, but it was hard to shake off the irritation. He could clearly tell too.

This kind of thing occurred three times. Two of them being with his friend and one of them being a while back when he was in bed and his brother and brother’s girlfriend came in and they chatted and stuff. I didn’t mind at first and I was all smiles, but then I felt awkward. Luckily (?), the connection and wifi cut off my FaceTime moment with him so I told him that he’s gonna have to call me because it wasn’t really working on my side (lie obviously).

It’s just… yes, we message a lot but I get to actually talk-talk to him for about two hours (3 hours at max). I would appreciate it if we spent the time more personally just him and me, you know? He has all day to chill with his buddy/buddies. Him face timing me but spending the time having a conversation with someone else is pointless and honestly a little rude, don’t you think? I’m just fucking awkwardly sitting there listening to a conversation that I have no idea what it’s about nor does it involve me so there’s nothing for me to do but sit there.

Of course, I don’t mind passing comments and stuff, but a full on conversation is a little too much. If it’s an important conversation or something really interesting, it’d be better if we hung up and he calls me later when he’s done and free, or he holds off the conversation to after I go to bed (’cause then he’ll have all day since it’s morning over there). Not to mention, I could be doing something productive if we temporarily hang up, since I have homework and studying to do.

I didn’t confront him about it yet, but I certainly will soon… I was gonna do the three strikes and you’re out thing, but the third time didn’t seem like such a major issue that time. If it ever does happen… then of course I’m going to tell him exactly what I said above. I don’t care if I come off as a snobby, selfish bitch. It will have happened four times in the future and I can’t just brush off my annoyance/anger forever.

One other thing happened today. So he stayed up late with friends and wanted to FaceTime with me during my noon again, after a class. I was free to chat when it was about 2am over where he was. When I was ready, he said that he was still out with friends so I said that it was okay. A while later he said that he’s sorry, but he won’t be able to FaceTime because “for some reason we’re staying up late.” And that was at like 4 in the morning for him.

I don’t care, I really don’t believe me. But it would have been nice if he told me before hand that he’ll be staying out later with his friends than planned instead of waiting for a message from me. I missed lunch because I was waiting for a response from him when I told him that I was free. Not to mention HE was the one who wanted to do the FaceTime chat. I could have gotten a meal, nap or studying/homework done.

Of course, I told him it was okay and I have been mildly annoyed with him all day. He messaged me just a bit ago saying good morning. I’m forcing myself to act normal because honestly this is a stupid thing to get irritated over and I know it. But hey, you can’t blame me. I have a short temper.

So yeah, that’s my rant for the day. One that has been building up for a few days now…

Anyway, I’ll be working on my blog and trying to get my pictures uploaded. And I promise I will post a link once all fixed.

Have a great day! Good night from my side of the earth.


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