Disheartening News

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted. I think. I haven’t exactly looked to see what my latest post has been. I’m just writing a post on the spot right now.

I know most sad posts would go on to my other blog, but I feel like posting it here:

My mom’s father might possibly be in the early stages of a brain tumor. It’s not confirmed, the doctors are going to do another test to reconfirm, but my mom’s sure it’s pretty much confirmed. It’s disheartening because my grandparents live all the way across the world in India, as you guys might know, so it’s hard for my mother to really get in touch with my grandpa as intimately as possible.

I won’t go into big details here, but long story short my mom and her father haven’t been talking to each other in two years because of a little dispute, but now my mom’s been calling him here and there after she found out from her father’s neighbor that he’s been acting a bit strange lately. Just now she was crying on the couch while my dad was comforting her in his own way.

She’s planning on leaving to India around mid-September for a whole month to visit her dad and I think it’s good that she does. Even before I’ve always kind of hoped my mom would eventually talk to my grandpa because honestly, he’s getting older and if he was to pass away before they talked, my mom would obviously regret it her whole life sooner or later. So as much as this event is unfortunate, I’m glad my mom will be taking the chance to talk to my grandpa.

On another note, it should be interesting to see how life at home will be without my mom around for a whole month. I remember one time she went on a weekend business trip and boy… the house was an absolute mess. Clearly dad and I could see how much we needed mom around haha and that was the day my instincts in cleaning up started sparking. Mom’s already teaching me how to do the bills too while she’s gone.

I hope I’ll be able to handle things around the house while she’s gone. And on a much more irrelevant note.. I’m now officially in a relationship! (: More on that another time…

Have a great night everyone.


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