My Relationship’s Future

I’m sure many of you might have heard this before, but often when you’re in a relationship, there’s two paths for your future: either you break up with your significant other, or you end up married.

I recently started thinking about that, and boy… It sure is a heavy thing to think about. It’s strange… Like, wow – I’m either going to break up with my boyfriend (which I honestly can’t imagine) or I’m going to marry him (which, also, I can’t exactly imagine). It’s not that I don’t want to marry him, but it’s also not as though I’m dead set on marrying him. I mean, come on, I’m only 19 (soon to be 20!).

So yeah, I think I’ve had this passing thought about two or three times now, and my thoughts go no where. I don’t reach a conclusion to my pondering thoughts, and I don’t expect myself to reach a conclusion of some sort. But for the first time in the past week, I actually talked about this with my boyfriend.

It wasn’t a serious discussion per say, but we ended up talking about our feelings on kids and marriage (I don’t know how we ended up on that topic). The beau told me that he doesn’t like babies/kids much nor does he believe in marriage (he went into detail, but I won’t elaborate too much ’cause then the post will get unnecessarily long). Then last night, on the phone, he asked me what I thought about his opinions on marriage and kids because he knows most girls probably would get mad at that since they dream of having a perfect wedding and bearing children in the future.

Honestly, his opinions didn’t bother me at all. Well, I was a little disappointed for God knows why… I guess maybe because I, like so many other girls, enjoy the thought of having the perfect wedding and starting a family. But overall I wasn’t affected by his thoughts. Firstly, they’re his opinions. If he has an opinion, who am I to get mad at him for that? It wouldn’t be fair or right for me to tell him that that’s stupid or that he should like kids/marriages. Secondly, we’re still too young to be thinking of all this stuff. If we do end up getting closer to the stage of discussing marriage, that’s a topic for the future. It’s too early to be planning anything because, as much as I don’t like to think about it, anything could happen. Who knows, maybe (fingers crossed it won’t happen anytime soon at the least) we will break up. So if we do end up staying together for a long time and the moment of marriage discussion comes up, then by that point maybe my boyfriend’s opinions will change. After all, at this age how many people/guys really love kids or marriage?

And he too confirmed that perhaps his opinions will change because after all, in the past few years he has been starting to think “eh, I guess babies are kinda cute sometimes.” Haha.

So yeah, I kind of wanted to write a post on that. Not only because it was an interesting moment to be discussing marriage/kids, but because I realized that I wasn’t the only one in the relationship who actually thought about this. And so…. I’m still 19-almost-20 and he just turned 23, and yet we’re already thinking about this grown up stuff.

Interesting, huh? Have any of you had these kinds of moment when you were my age (or if you are my age-ish now)?


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