Doubts in Major

For the past two weeks I’ve been thinking of changing my major from Psychology to English. Or, at least major in English and minor in Psychology.

It just suddenly hit me that if I have a love in writing, then why am I not majoring in it? Granted, an English major might not have the greatest reputation, but if I have a passion for writing then heck, why not? I certainly have more talent in English than Psychology, and if I naturally am better in English than Psychology (where I would don’t have natural knowledge in and would have to take a lot more classes for), then again… heck, why not?

I know majoring in English would be tougher for me once I graduate (as so many people in the world claim), but I think I would much rather major in something I love than in something I don’t love as much but doing it for the hopes of a better successful career.

Then again, I’m still unsure. I shall see for the next week or so on what to do. Hopefully I will make up my mind before I have to sign up for second semester classes. Do you guys have any suggestions or thoughts on these majors?


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