The Hassle of Good Morning Texts

I’ve been inconsistent with my posts, and I duly apologize for that. Been busy will school and all.  Not only that, I never had anything worth while to post about, not even a simple random post idea. But now I do finally, and, of course, it’s another (kind of) rant post about my beau.

So for a virtual show of hands, who likes waking up to texts from their significant other? It’s nice to wake up, check your phone and see s/he texted something to you. Okay, not just any text, it’s not nice to wake up to an angry text. But in general, waking up to something nice and sweet or funny. I think both girls and guys like that, right?

Me, I like it (obviously). But it’s hard because everyday I wake up like two hours before my beau, so I always send the first text. Even on the weekends I wake up before him (either he sleeps in lots or I get up early-ish). Thus, I hardly ever get a first text from him. Besides my trip to India and time difference was different, I think I’ve gotten the first text from him approximately… 15-20 times. And we’ve been together for 8 months. He’s a lucky bastard, he gets to wake up to texts from me. And it’s not like he couldn’t care less about them, he actually really likes waking up to a text from me – so that’s a double “…” reaction from me. He gets what he wants haha.

Only once in a blue moon he’ll text me first if he happens to wake up before me. I know it’s not a big deal, and even in the beginning I didn’t take much notice of it. But eventually… it kinda gets to you, ya know?

At nights, I usually go to bed earlier than my beau (because I’m always tired from waking up at like 5:30 am for school), and he stays up maybe two hours or so after I sleep. We talked about it, and I thought/said “heck, if morning texts are hard to achieve, then I’d like it if after I sleep, he sends me texts. That way, I will wake up to it.”

I don’t mean he sends me a text at 2am saying “good morning!” or anything. Just about anything – anything funny he found online or something that happened. He said he would do it. And he did! For two days.

He technically did it for three days, but the first time was the very night I told him about it. So what he said seemed pretty forced. Like he tried to think of something to say, it wasn’t anything natural. If you know what I mean. Thus, the first night doesn’t really count.

Since then, it’s been two weeks, my phone has been blank every morning. And guess what?

Today I woke up and I texted him good morning. He responded right away saying he was about to text me that. I wanted to curse the universe. The one time I could have gotten it, the universe said “nah, fuck that. I’ll let her mentally suffer mwahaha.” I was sulking SO much, it was ridiculous.

Anyway, we again talked about it when he asked if I was still upset about the whole situation. And he said he didn’t realize it was THAT much of a deal for me. It actually isn’t really. When I wake up and don’t get a text from him, I just get the whole “sigh, oh well” reaction and then text him and go about my day. I just got frustrated ’cause I was so close today. Who knows when the next time will be.

So he said he will try to do it from now on. But gee, let’s see how long he’ll do it before it dies down again. Actually, let’s see if he even remembers tonight. His memory is pretty bad anyway. So if he really means it, he will definitely remember it.

On a side note, he never reads my morning texts. I’ll send him so many texts until he wakes up telling him random stuff or something I saw or did while on my way to school. He never reads them. Hardly. Because of that, I just gave up and now I say only “Good morning, hope you slept well (:” because seriously, what’s the point.

That’s my rant of the day, now excuse me. I am going to go play pokemon and get frustrated on why it’s so hard to raise my Ponyta two levels so it will learn the move Ember and then I can go to the Grass gym. Don’t worry if you didn’t understand that. Just me ranting about that also. I’m in a ranting mood. Rant, rant, rant.

Have a good day everyone and I hope you spend Valentine’s Day merrily with a significant other, friend(s), or just chilling by yourself!


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