Valentine’s Day!

I was so busy ranting about something little bothering me, I completely forgot to make a post about Valentine’s Day! I celebrated it happily with Beau, and it was a very fun day. For starters, it was the first time in my life that I spent Valentine’s with a guy, and for him it was too (well, at least it first real, legit date. With his first ex they celebrated it very early because he wasn’t able to on the day itself). To be honest, the date itself wasn’t spectacular compared to what you would think we’d spend it. But I loved every moment of it (no sarcasm).

Because of the huge ass snowstorm that happened over the weekend, Beau and I decided to celebrate it a day early instead of getting blasted by the storm at 5pm the next day. So after my classes ended, he picked me up and we went directly to the movie theatre near his house. When I got in the car, he had one of those ribbon stars (that you put on presents) taped to his forehead. I actually wanted him to do it on my birthday, but he forgot, so seeing it was a pleasant surprise and I had a good laugh. Along with that he got me this fancy strawberry jello (my favorite kind!).

The theatre was actually a somewhat sketch theatre in the sense that it’s small, relatively dark and pretty empty. Beau likes to call it “cozy and quaint” – only to justify his pick of the theatre haha. We went to see Kingsman (which you have no idea how much I would recommend that movie, I just… it’s super good and you need to see it because I would totally go see it again. It has a great cast, and as the saying kinda goes: with great cast comes great acting. Okay I’m done), and the movie came out that very day! And yet there were only four other couples in the theatre with us. All middle aged or older people. I’m not lying, there were old people. Oh, and one person sitting near Beau yelling at a few moments during the movie.

Movie was, as I mentioned in the parentheses, superb! Beau and I loved it so much. And of course, I made fun of the theatre as usual. I had to reassure Beau of this matter, and I will state it here too so as to not bring confusion: I wasn’t poking fun because I was disappointed in his choice of theatre. I wasn’t disappointed at all. I was happy I was gonna see a movie I really wanted to see with my Beau, I was just making fun of the theatre itself – not Beau’s action/choice. Confusion cleared!

After that we had time before a dinner reservation at some fancy Thai cuisine, so we went back to his place. He also got me a present. No, it wasn’t roses. No, it wasn’t chocolates. It was… something I feel like I shouldn’t explicitly say in this post…

It is something you use in a specific type of sexual intercourse that prevents one from… making noise. Beau got that because he knows we like to… explore… But I was really NOT expecting that. I was taken off guard so much I started laughing and curled up in a ball. We didn’t use it haha maybe one day… okay shutting up now.

So we went to the restaurant and ta-da! Almost no one was there! It might have been due to people wanting to prepare for the storm the next day/maybe celebrate Valentine’s Day on the actual day itself. Besides us, there were four other couples/pairs of people. And it wasn’t like the restaurant was small. It was actually pretty big, so thus it seemed even more empty.

Beau started apologizing and I reassured him that I was happy regardless (no lie), then we got our menus. We craved Crispy Duck, so we ordered that. Then a sensational conversation occurred. Here’s what happened between Beau and the waiter:

“Hi, yeah can we have the Crispy Duck?”

“Oh, sorry. There’s no duck today.”

“No duck? None of the duck dishes are available?”

“No, sorry.”

“Uh, okay well for appetizers could we have the wings?”

“Sorry. No wings today either.”



“Okay how about the vegetable spring rolls for starters?”

“Sure thing. Anything else?”

“Do you have the Thai Iced Tea?”

“Yes, two?”

“Yes please. And they have bubbles in them, right?”

“Ah, no. No bubbles.”

And the look on Beau’s face had “fuck this shit” written all over it while I just kinda giggled. While the waiter went to get plain Thai Iced Tea and Vegetable Spring Rolls, we looked through the menu again. He apologized profusely again and I laughed some more at the situation. Then to top it off, the waiter brought Beau the spring rolls he didn’t mean.

It was a lovely dinner.

Before we ordered a dish, Beau muttered under his breath, “Don’t drink your Iced Tea yet. Let’s see if they have this dish. If not, we are getting the hell out of here and going to the restaurant across the street.” Smart move, otherwise we would have had to pay for the drinks.

After that, Beau dropped me home. Normally when he drops me off, he’ll drive into my driveway and then back up, turn his car around and head back down the hill where he drove up from. But we had a shit ton of snow (as New Englanders know) past few weeks, so all the snow neighbors shoveled was put into a line of huge snow banks along the sidewalk. Thus, it made the street a bit more narrow than usual so Beau had a hard time turning his car around. He had to inch the car around little by little because he didn’t have much room to maneuver. And the funny part was that as he was almost done correcting his car, I looked up and saw my neighbor folding his blanket and watching us through the window. I started laughing hysterically.

Okay, written out it doesn’t sound that funny but trust me, it’s one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments.

Overall, it may not have been a super romantic date or whatever. But I had a shit ton of fun spending it with Beau. And you all should have too! I realize now (okay well I knew this before but it really hit me this time) that it honestly doesn’t matter what you do together, just as long as you enjoy your time with each other.

So I hope you all spent Valentine’s Day well! Be it with friends or dates!


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