Giving Up on Something I Would Like

As you know (or not), I wrote a post a while ago about how I always wanted to get late night texts from Beau. To recap quickly, I love getting morning texts. But the issue is that I always wake up earlier than Beau when I go to school and because I’m used to waking up early most times, I end up awake early on weekends as well while Beau sleeps in, so I’m always the one sending first texts. Thus, I hardly ever get morning texts from him. However, I do sleep before he does so I requested that he sends me late night texts after I’ve gone to sleep (about anything really) so that I can wake up to them at the least. And my request has gone through one ear and out the other.

I have tried for SO long trying to get Beau to send me late night texts, but he’d do it maybe a day or two, then not do it anymore. I don’t bother him too much about it, but would bring it up now and then if long periods of time has passed. Today, we bickered a little bit about it over text.

So something about me is that I don’t drink a lot of water. I’m one of those people who doesn’t like the lack of taste in water and I can’t drink too much of it. Like I literally can’t drink too much of it, it’s… for lack of a better word, “unappetizing.” Don’t get me wrong, I always drink other fluids, just not so much water.

Beau always bothers me about drinking water, with good intention of course, but he doesn’t seem to understand that if you don’t like the taste of something, it’s hard to consume that specific thing all day everyday. Then I mentioned how if he keeps pestering me about water, then I’m going to pester him more about not sending me late night texts.

Then he strikes up a bargain where he’ll stay up late and send me late night texts if I increase my water intake.

I got annoyed and honestly, a teensy bit hurt.

My impression was that he will willingly send me late night texts with the purpose of getting me to drink more water, not because he knows that it’ll make me happy. Meh. I didn’t feel so good about that. And when I said “forget it, don’t bother sending me late night texts” he was totally okay with it. It really felt like to me, he didn’t care that my waking up to his texts makes me happy and my mornings a little better.

I wanted to bring up the fact that I have done a lot for him in the past because he likes/prefers it or that he doesn’t do other things for my sake also, but I decided it’d be smarter if I didn’t. Whereas for him, I have told him I wanted specific things because I like it but he just does it once or twice and that’s it.

Well, now I know (because he told me) that he can’t send me late night texts because he doesn’t stay up late much anymore. He goes to bed shortly after I go to bed. So I suppose there’s no helping it. I can’t hope for late night texts anymore and I’ll just have to deal with it. It’s a bummer because, I mean, who doesn’t love morning texts. But again, I’ll just have to let it pass and move around it.

Then afterward, I mentioned how there’s no helping it and that I’ll just get an app where maybe it’ll send me daily facts or jokes or such so that I’ll wake up to them. He got upset because he felt like it meant he can’t make me happy and that an app makes me happier.

Which is dumb. I didn’t CHOOSE an app over him, I kinda just don’t have a choice. I spent MONTHS trying to get him to send me morning texts but clearly it’s not working out so I decided to find alternatives. Then we had another argument, but it’s irrelevant so I won’t go into it.

I decided not to find an app, but maybe I’ll get something entertaining anyway. Like dinosaur facts. I’ll see.

Have a good day!


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