Big Health Concerns for the Dogs

I’m very baffled right now by people.

My dog (gonna call him Chucky) in the past had a seizure (or what i thought looked like a seizure) suddenly and it was an unexpected moment. And since then, Chucky had two more. His third one was just a few nights ago, and it was worse than the others. With this recent one, Chucky took nearly two hours to recover and I’m fairly sure he had two other mini seizures in the mean time. It’s really complicated so I won’t get into the details, but basically I cried because I was so scared watching my dog in those two hours. I also cried out of frustration at my dad because he, since seizure #1, has refused to take Chucky to the vet. He kept claiming that i should stop overreacting and that it’s too much money. In general, every time I badgered him about it, he’d snap at me and tell me to be quiet. I would take him by myself but I can’t drive and I also am not sure if I need to pay upfront or if they’ll bill me.

Now, Beau’s dog himself might have a possible tumor on his abdomen. He (for now shall be Marvin) is 7 years old now and it’s the size of a golf ball according to his parents. And his family doesn’t seem to care, like my dad didn’t for Chucky. Beau is worried and wants to take Marvin to the vet, but his parents are telling him to wait for like another few weeks, and that he’s over reacting, since benign tumors are fairly normal in old dogs. Beau’s older brother said that since Marvin is 7 years old, maybe it’s time for him to pass away or some ridiculous shit like that. Marvin isn’t even old, he’s practically middle aged right now.

Not only that, they haven’t even taken Marvin to the vet yet and they’re assuming it’s benign and that it’s normal. Sure it might be normal for old dogs but 1) they don’t know for sure it’s benign and 2) Marvin is not old. And also, since we don’t know the position that Marvin is in, there’s a possibility that within the few weeks Beau’s family waits to take him to the vet, it could get worse. And just like how Chucky’s reaction to his seemingly seizures are getting worse now by the third one.

So Beau and I discussed it quite fervently over text, as we are avid animal lovers. We were shocked our family would think such things. Because really, if I had one seizure (let alone three) and it got progressively worse or if Beau found a lump on his abdomen the size of a golf ball, I highly doubt our families would sit around and go “meh, it’s natural” or “meh, you’re just overreacting.”

Maybe we are over reacting, I have no idea. But honestly, come on. Our pets aren’t objects that we play with and have fun with and then when the first sign of concern comes along we just ignore them. They are our responsibilities and part of our lives and families, heck they’re living beings not robots. Ignoring their health concerns is basically animal neglect.

So thus, we decided that Beau and I will take our pets to the vet by ourselves. Tuesday after my class I’m going to accompany him as we take Marvin to the vet and get it checked out, and I believe next weekend Beau will pick me and Chucky up.

Crossing my fingers that it’s nothing too bad for both our dogs.


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